UMW Center for Teaching

Work is currently under way to build a new, comprehensive Center for Teaching at UMW. We have now completed a Needs Assessment Survey as well as substantial background research, including interviews with other directors of Centers of Teaching and Learning and conversations with faculty and staff across campus. The draft of the proposal to create a Center for Teaching is now available here: Center for Teaching Proposal. This document will be updated in response to questions and requests for revisions and the most recent draft will be posted here.

We look forward to hearing your comments and ideas regarding the proposal. You are welcome to email your comments to Caitie Finlayson, Faculty Program Director at

The goal is to begin the Fall 2019 semester with a pilot Center for Teaching.

What can the Center for Teaching do for you?

Caitie Finlayson, Assistant Professor of Geography, is currently serving as the Faculty Program Director and would be happy to meet with you one-on-one for teaching consultations, discussions of teaching and learning research projects, or to just be a sounding board as you think through teaching issues. No problem is too small! We also offer grants for pedagogy travel, so look for a call for summer travel to go out later in the Spring 2019 semester.

Moving forward, you can expect the Center for Teaching to offer a robust slate of services including individual consultations, classroom observation and feedback sessions, workshops, communities of practice support, and grant opportunities.

What can you do for the Center for Teaching?

We need your ideas! Tell us what you need in a Center for Teaching. What support could we be offering that would be most helpful to you in your job? How could we structure New Faculty Orientation in a way that would be most helpful? How can we better address the concerns of senior faculty? What would you like to see as your role in the new Center for Teaching? What could we do to create a collegial culture that supports teaching excellence on our campus? We’re all ears! Please email Caitie at with your suggestions/concerns/ideas!

The Center for Teaching is here to support you!

Call for 2019-2020 Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are opportunities for small groups of faculty from a variety of disciplines who are doing related teaching innovations, interested in similar pedagogical issues, conducting pedagogical research, or facing similar classroom challenges to share their knowledge and ideas in a collegial, collaborative setting. We welcome ideas for Communities of Practice for the 2019-2020 academic year!

Do you have an idea for a great Community of Practice topic and know a few others who might be interested? Please let us know!

Would you like to serve as a Community of Practice facilitator? Please email Caitie at! Facilitators do not have to be experts in a particular area, they should simply be willing to serve as a moderator and organizer for the small groups. Perhaps you’re interested a particular area of pedagogical inquiry and would love to have a conversation with colleagues who share your interest, or maybe you’ve conducted pedagogical research and are excited about a particular approach and want to share your expertise. We welcome a variety of Community of Practice ideas and formats!

The Center for Teaching will assist Communities of Practice through event support and logistics, room bookings, and connections with resources when needed. We also anticipate offering facilitators and participants a small stipend.