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Speaking and Writing Center Director: Dr. Leah Schweitzer


(540) 654-1347

UMW speaking consultation services, one of the few college speaking support centers in the country, is proudly a leader in oral communication tutoring.

Our mission to advance the liberal arts goals of Mary Washington is fulfilled daily by our talented and dedicated staff. To learn more about the students who run the Center, visit the “Staff” page in the left sidebar.

As of January 17, 2023, we will be open for virtual and in-person consultations.  Schedule today on EAB Tools or reach out with any questions.

The gold standard for all of your oral communication needs.

Our consultants are trained to assist in every type of oral communication; from thesis defense to wedding speeches and everything in between, we’re here to help.

Consultants also assist in:

– Job interview preparation

– Visual aids and slide construction

– Handling speaking apprehension

– Becoming the best oral communicator you can be!



Need an appointment? To schedule, learn more about appointment types, and learn about online consultations, visit EAB Tools or the “Schedule an Appointment” tab on the left sidebar.

Your consultant will be in touch shortly after an appointment is scheduled.

Speaking and Writing Center Director: Dr. Leah Schweitzer lschweit@umw.edu (540) 654-1347

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For Faculty

To schedule a spring 2023 class visit from a consultant, please contact the Center’s Director, Dr. Leah Schweitzer lschweit@umw.edu (540) 654-1347.

Faculty can find demo videos and a copy of the “Moving Oral Comm Assignments Online” on the Using Video for Student Presentations page under Faculty Resources.

Faculty can also find suggestions for SI assignments while remote teaching, along with instructions about how to find student reports of consultations on EAB on the Faculty Resources page.

    •   Our Mission Statement

      Our mission is to support the objective of the Speaking Intensive Program, which in turn supports the liberal arts goals of the University of Mary Washington.

      We are committed to aiding development of oral communication skills aimed towards effectively communicating a diversity of views. Specifically, our goal is to provide individualized consultation sessions and printed, audio-visual, and web resources to assist the university community in achieving its liberal arts education goals.

      The Center houses a collection of instructional resources (books, handouts, videotapes and equipment) which address a variety of topics ranging from public speaking anxiety to constructing effective visual aids. Consultants are available to videotape practice presentations and to provide feedback. The Center adheres strictly to the university’s Honor Code: consultants will not compose any portion of a presentation for a student nor will they do research for a student’s presentation. Consultants are also prepared to offer advice on special types of oral communication activities such as speeches, group presentations, debates or interviews.