Citation Resources

The Writing Center

  • Offers a number of handouts and brief guides to learn how to cite in a variety of different styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc).
  • A handout that carefully defines plagiarism is available in the Writing Center as well. It includes a detailed example of how to paraphrase information, and also shows what a plagiarized version of a passage would look like.
  • Writing Center specialists suggest that a student should always consult his or her professor if in doubt about what paraphrasing and common knowledge are versus plagiarism.

Go Right to the Professor!

  • If a student is ever in doubt or concerned about committing an honor code violation, whether it may be lying, cheating (including plagiarism), or stealing, the Honor Council strongly encourages him or her to go directly to their professor and ask.
  • UMW professors want their students to do well, and value the importance of upholding academic integrity as key to any student’s success.
  • This approach can also help the professor realize if perhaps he or she did not fully remind or explain what they expect of students in regard to academic integrity.  In the future, they may decide to spend more time in class reiterating the importance of citing to avoid potential plagiarism, which ultimately contributes to the community value of mutual respect and trust that UMW is built on.

The Library is a useful resource!

The majority of resources that the library offers to fight plagiarism and promote proper citation techniques exist here.

UMW librarians have prepared and collected multiple guides to citing sources in a variety of different styles, from the popular (e.g. American Psychological Association) to the less popular (e.g. American Sociological Association).

This page also includes links to additional reliable information (e.g. how to assemble citations) as well as a list of the style guides the library currently has in its possession.  These books are available during all hours of operation and can easily be found in the ‘Reference’ section.

If students have trouble with interpreting said style guides, they can consult a librarian, either in person, over the phone, or via e-mail. Librarians are happy to help students decide what kind of citation to use, how, where, and why.

Try attending a workshop by Academic and Career Services

A series of study skills building workshops. Topics such as time management, note taking, and test preparation are offered, to provide strategies for academic success. Check out their website.

Check out these websites! They are great! explains paraphrasing and shows what is good vs. bad paraphrasing. differentiates quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing. is a paraphrasing exercise. discusses when to paraphrase vs. quote and what successful paraphrasing is/how to do it. explains paraphrasing and has a few exercises.

Additional websites to check out: