Useful Handouts

 Preparing and Organizing Your Speech

On Speeches, Notes, and Writing

The Body of the Speech

Speech Opening and Closing

Preparing the Main Points

Brief Guide to Constructing a Speech

Checklist for Supporting Materials

Successful Transitions in Speeches

Guidelines for Using PowerPoint in Presentations

Speech Basic

General Speaking Tips

Using Visual Aids


Delivering Your Speech

General Speaking Tips

Tips and Tricks of Public Speaking, Delivery

Articulation and Pronunciation

Captivate Your Audience With Sound

Crisp, Polished Speech Patterns

Effective Eye Contact

Eliminating Vocal Fillers

Effects of Body Language

My Voice Sounds too Nasal

Posture and Body Stance

Practicing Delivery

What To Do If You Speak Too Slowly

What To Do If You Speak Too Quiet or Too Loud

Practicing Vocal Emphasis

Tongue Twisters Exercise

What Should I Do With My Hands

Managing Speaking Anxiety

Psych Services and Public Speaking



Debate: What to Do in a Rebuttal

Debate: The Toulmin Model

The Art of Persuasion


Working in Groups

Communication in Small Groups

Group Communication Roles

Group Projects and Presentations


Class Discussion

Leading Class Discussion

Panel Discussions

Class Discussion Packet

Participating in Class Discussion

Preparing for Class Discussion


Guidelines for APA Style Oral Presentation of Empirical Research

Presentations in the Sciences

Tips for Preparing for an Interview


(How to) Take a Breather!