UMW’s ThinkLab Makerspace featured in EDUCAUSE


The innovative ThinkLab Makerspace in the Simpson Library of UMW has been featured in the latest publication from the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's 7 Things series on rapid innovation. UMW is cited alongside Stanford, Rutgers, and Case Westerns among other institutions for recognizing early on the importance of makerspaces as a way to inspire self-directed and hands-on learning using emerging technologies like 3D printing, robotics, and e-textiles. DTLT and UMW's work has been featured in past issues of the 7 Things series on a variety of topics including MOOCs, Wordpress, and 3D Printing technology. The full paper can be found on the EDUCAUSE website in PDF and ePub format. … [Read more...]

DTLT Projects Featured in 2013 Horizon Report


The 2013 NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education, a publication that identifies technologies likely to have an impact on learning, has featured not one but two separate projects born out of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. Referencing Massive Open Online Courses as a development likely to be adopted in one year or less, the work of ds106, the open digital storytelling course at UMW, is cited as an example of early experimentation in this space. Under a section on 3D printing technology, the work of Tim Owens and George Meadows on the ThinkLab in the Simpson Library is featured as an example of work that is incorporating this technology into course curriculum. The full report can be downloaded at the NMC website here. … [Read more...]

2011 Online Venice Exhibit


We talk a lot about livestreaming and broadcasting at DTLT. It has quickly become one of the core focuses of our group through projects like DTLT Today and the purchase of our own Kit. We made the proposal to the Teaching Center at UMW to have a kit that would allow us flexibility to go into a classroom and broadcast that action live, bring in folks from around the world to engage and interact with the students. Yesterday we got the first opportunity to do just that. Professor Marjorie Och has led a group of art history students at UMW through the creation of an exhibit on Venice that is completely online. You can probably guess based on that URL that we helped them build it on top of WordPress with UMW Blogs and between the work they did and some tweaking we did to the Autofocus+ theme the site is gorgeous. The opening of the exhibit was yesterday and Andy and I brought the whole setup down to the room to stream it live. I made the announcement on Twitter that we’d be … [Read more...]