Minutes of the September 8, 2014 Meeting

UCC Meeting Minutes September 8, 2014

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Members present:

  • Marcel Rotter
  • Marie Sheckels
  • Dawn Bowen
  • T. Nichole Phillips
  • Rita Dunston
  • John Morello

1. Dawn Bowen is elected secretary of UCC. 2. UCC Fall Meeting Dates:

October 7 at 3:30 GW 106

November 11 at 3:30 GW 106

3. News from Morello:

October 16 UFC meeting at which we can get curriculum issues presented.

 After proposal goes through committee, send to John. New course proposal, minors, change to majors, etc.  All need two week period.

Special majors end at committee level.


Send all items to Morello as a single pdf. Do not accept scanned documents!

Action Handled Administratively:

The Committee discussed the matter of BUAD 471 being offered at variable credit and noted that it is already listed in the Catalog to be offered as 1-3 credits. No further action was required.

4. New Business:

EDUC 457/459

The Committee was notified about a concern regarding two different subject pedagogy courses in the College of Education being taught by the same instructor at the same time. After thoroughly reviewing the topic and gathering additional information, the Committee determined that the issue was a course scheduling matter and, as such, was outside the realm of its jurisdiction. No action was taken.

Adjourned: 4:25 pm