Minutes of the October 7, 2014 Meeting

UCC Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2014

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Members present:

  • Marcel Rotter
  • Marie Sheckels
  • Dawn Bowen
  • T. Nichole Phillips
  • Rita Dunston



Change BSN degree electives

Add in rationale: why additional courses were added. For flexibility for students – what does this mean? More rationale for why these specific courses. Is this trying to meet a particular area? How are these ethics issues to be met through these courses?

How do these courses fit into what is needed?

Add catalogue descriptions, as below, for each course.

ANTH 211 – The Anthropology of “Race”

Explores why current vernacular understandings of “race” and scientific understandings of “race” diverge so dramatically. Looks at the long history of scientific (mis)understandings of human biological diversity. Interrogates why racialist thinking has been a fundamental component of a western cultural world view.

Sent back to CAS CC for revision.



Change BSN degree general education requirements

Concern over what “science” courses meant. Perhaps simply keep original courses but add “or equivalent.” We can assume that the science courses would be related to human science, but could there be confusion that “science” is not geology or environmental science. Make clear in the rationale and impact statements how broadening the “science” category benefits the nursing program. Why, for example, will this help attract other students?


Sent back to CAS CC for revision.


3. Approvals:

BLS Major Change to add ENGL 202V

New Course SPAN 370 approved

New Course GEOG 241 approved

4. Motion to UFC from Andrew Dolby

The UCC took no action on this motion after extensive discussion. We do offer the following comment: It is within the purview of UCC to make curricular changes, including changes in credits. Therefore, we agree with the statement that changes for course credit should only come through the established approval channels (CCC to UCC). Please note that the courses currently taught under the BUAD 471B 1-4 designation will not be taught in their current form in future semesters unless approved through the respective curriculum committees.