Minutes of the October 5, 2015 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
303 George Washington
Hall, 2:00 PM to 3:08 PM

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Members Present: Dawn Bowen, Rita Dunston, Lance Gentry, John Morello, Margaret Ray, and Pat Reynolds.

Pat opened the meeting at 2:00 and confirmed that the committee had approved the previous minutes electronically.

The climate science minor was discussed and it was noted that this is the fifth iteration of the proposed minor and has support from the chairs of all the affected departments. It was then unanimously approved by the committee.

BIOL 472 was then discussed. BIOL 471 will continue to exist as a special topics class, but this new class (472) will be used for Research Intensive (RI) special topics. This change should reduce student confusion as to which special topic classes in Biology are research intensive. The committee sent the proposal back to the Biology department with a request that they resubmit it with a proposal to revise their degree (see undergraduate catalog on page 105, are 471A1 and 471A2 still required even though 471 is no longer research intensive). The committee also asked for the Biology Department to review the title and to clean up the catalog description (it ends with the single word “Laboratory.”). Dawn will review this request with the Biology Department.

Spanish 425 was reviewed by the committee. The committee thought the course description was confusing and also looked too similar to Spanish 385. The course description needs to clearly show how it differs from Spanish 385. Dawn will review this request with the Modern Languages and Literature Department.

The Economics Minor change (change to catalog description clean up a prerequisite change) was unanimously approved.

The proposed change in the Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy was discussed and members expressed concern that several of the electives were rarely offered and that there were no letters of support from the other departments. Pat will contact the chairs of the affected departments to make sure they support this change. With that understanding, the proposal was unanimously approved.

The new course proposal (HISP 317) was reviewed and unanimously approved.

New Business
Associate Provost Morello pointed out that the UCC minutes from our September meeting were not reviewed or accepted by the UFC at their last meeting. Thus, both the September and October UCC meeting minutes need to come before the October 21 UFC meeting. Pat will bring this up with Anand Rao in time for them to be on the UFC agenda.

The meeting was then adjourned.