Minutes of the January 13, 2015 Meeting

UCC Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015

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Members present:

  • Marcel Rotter
  • Marie Sheckels
  • Dawn Bowen
  • T. Nichole Phillips
  • John Morello (ex officio)

1. New Courses.  The following courses were approved:

BIOL 471A2 – Research in Endocrinology (approved as as Research Intensive in the BIOL major)

CPSC 219 – Foundations for Data Science – (cross-listed with)

BUAD 219 – Foundations for Data Science

CPSC 225 – Software Development Tools

CPSC 345 – Introduction to Computer Security

ENGL 252 – Literature and Adaptation

GEOG 252 – Intro to Quantitative Methods in Geography

MATH 361 – Topics in Mathematics

One course, DGST 483 – Digital Studies Consulting Practicum, was rejected and returned to the proposer to address these matters. Other practicum experiences allow up to 8 credits to count toward graduation requirements, but allow only three or four credits to count toward major.  Will this course count toward DGST major/minor? The restriction on number of times that this course can be repeated must be in catalog entry.

2. New Programs. The following programs were approved:

Communication & Digital Studies Major

CPSC – Change Minor

CPSC – Concentration Consolidation (three concentrations were eliminated)

GEOG Program Change –  approve with language deletion Students may choose from GEOG 250, 252,340, 351, 355, 363, 365, GISC 200, 351, ANTH 298, SOCG 364, or SOCG 365 may substitute for one geography methods course.

SPAN Program Change

Urban Studies Minor Revision

Latin American Studies Minor –  approve with language change: The  remaining  12 credits will be electives from at least two different disciplines, and can be chosen from approved courses in Anthropology, History, Geography, Political Science, and Spanish.

CPSC – Change Major– approve with deletion Students considering a career with the federal government should be aware that the US Department of Operations and Personnel Management standards require a minimum of 15 credit hours of mathematics in order for employees to be classified as a “Computer Scientist.”     Students interested in federal employment in this classification are encouraged to take MATH 121, MATH 122, MATH 200, and any additional MATH course numbered 300 or higher. A minor in Applied Mathematics would also provide appropriate preparation.

Data Science Minor Program Change – approve with revision: Fifteen (15) credits to include: MATH 200, BUAD/CPSC 219, and any three (3) of the following: BUAD 400, BUAD 403, CPSC 419, CPSC 420, MATH 300, or any approved substitute BUAD, CPSC, or MATH course numbered 300 or higher, approved by the program director.

Digital Studies Minor Program Change –rejected and returned to the proposer because of these questions: Add DGST 483 to list of courses?  THEA 481 is not yet approved

3. Old Business HIST 449 American Immigrant Experience was rejected and returned to the proposer (in November) because it had no impact statement, nor addressed the frequency of offerings. The proposal has not been returned to the committee as of yet. Marcel will request this information.  It has not been resubmitted.