Plagiarism Tutorial

Faculty who would like to add some content about plagiarism to your FSEMs or other courses can find a tutorial created by San Jose State’s library.

“The San Jose State University plagiarism tutorial is an online, interactive discussion of common pitfalls in college writing (for example, paraphrasing and quoting). I’ve (quoting Dr. Mathews) assigned it to my FSEM as a low-stakes task. Students must take the quiz at the end and upload a screenshot to Canvas of their score. Regardless of their score on the quiz, students who complete the tutorial and quiz receive full credit.”

For UMW faculty, you can assign it using the following instructions.

Go to the San Jose State University Plagiarism Tutorial and follow the instructions. Once you have finished your quiz, take a screenshot and upload it here so I can give you credit.

Syllabus language for the assignment is here:

Plagiarism Tutorial

You’ve already attended Honor Convocation remotely and heard about UMW’s Honor Code (also referenced below). Because plagiarism is one of the most common reasons students run afoul of the Honor Code, you will take a brief online tutorial about plagiarism and upload a screenshot of your final quiz score. I will grade you on completion of the assignment, not necessarily your quiz score. Do your best and remember the helpful ideas in this tutorial as you move forward in your college career.

Courtesy of Dr. Mary Beth Mathews, CPR