Reporting a Violation

The Honor Tradition at Mary Washington is a shared commitment. Ultimately, it is the participation of the student body that determines if the Honor System will continue to work. All members of the Mary Washington community should report any suspected violation of the Honor Code to the Honor Council. Only by abiding by our tradition of Honor are we able to preserve the Honor System as a Way of Life. If concerned about the existence of an Honor violation, please read and follow the outlined steps carefully.

1) If a member of the University community believes that an Honor Violation has occurred, said member should follow the procedure outlined in Article III, Section 1B of the Honor Constitution. Specifically, he or she should quickly and discreetly investigate the alleged violation; this includes approaching the suspected violator with a request for an explanation of said violation.

2) If the University community member, after completing the above stated procedure, continues to believe that an Honor Violation has occurred, he or she should fill out an Honor Accusation form, and submit it to the Honor Council. This can be obtained below or from a residence hall Honor Contact.

3) The completed form must be completed within five academic days of the determination that a possible violation has occurred. Please note that the accusation must be made within 10 business days of the date of the incident.

The Honor System is intended to handle cases in which a student is intentionally dishonest or “show[s] disregard for standard academic or disciplinary practices, or the rules applying to the coursework in question.”¬†¬†The Honor System is not intended to punish technical or honest mistakes.

Honor Accusation Form