Honor Council

The Honor Code Lives Here

UMW is an extraordinary institution, and our community values are really what make us so special. One of the most important of these values is honor. Members of the Mary Washington community are expected to uphold the Honor Code, and they gladly do so with a sense of personal responsibility.  Our honor system is what maintains the community’s trust, respect and moral integrity.

Mission Statement

The University of Mary Washington Honor Council ensures the integrity of the University’s Honor System, and operates on the basis that members of the University community take responsibility for their own actions. The Honor Council provides education concerning the Honor System for all members of the University, that together we may develop a community in which honorable decision making prevails. Facilitation of student enforcement and understanding of the Honor System, as defined in the Honor Constitution, is a key function of the Council. As elected representatives of the student body, the University of Mary Washington Honor Council addresses student concerns regarding the Honor System, and serves the entire University community.