Curriculum Committee

Welcome to the University Curriculum Committee Web Site!

For a curriculum action to be implemented in the fall semester 2018, it must receive all required approvals by November 29, 2017.

This location houses the procedures and forms required to move curriculum change proposals through the various levels of approval required.  The procedures to be followed vary depending upon the kind of curriculum change involved.  Proposals are posted to this web site after they have been reviewed and approved by all necessary decision makers at the college level.

To post a college-level approved proposal, the Chair of the College Curriculum Committee should send a complete PDF copy of the cover sheet and proposal (in one document) to Dr. John T. Morello, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (

The University Curriculum Committee has jurisdiction over the types of curriculum actions listed below.  Other curriculum actions not mentioned here — actions to designate a class as writing intensive, speaking intensive, as a first-year seminar, honor’s course, general education, or a blended/online course — should be referred to the separate committee in charge of those curriculum designation actions.

The University Curriculum Committee reviews these curriculum proposals:

Expedited Curriculum Changes– these are proposals to (1) change the number, title, description, or prerequisites of an existing course; (2) cross-list a course; or (3) delete an existing course.

New Course Proposals– these procedures apply to any proposal seeking to add a course to the curriculum, including Interdisciplinary (IDIS) courses and the conversion of a “special topics course” to the status of a permanent course.

Course Credit Change Proposals– these procedures apply to a proposal to increase or decrease the credit hours of an already approved course.

Program Changes– these are proposals to alter existing educational programs by (1) changing the requirements of an existing major, minor, certificate, concentration, or degree program; or (2) adding a new major, minor, or concentration within an existing degree program.

Educational Program Actions Requiring State Review and Approval– these procedures apply when the proposal seeks to do any of the following: (1) add a new degree program; (2) add a new certificate program; (3) change a degree program title or other designation; (4) merge programs; or (5) delete certificate or a degree program.

Detailed instructions for each group of curriculum changes are provided at the links on the left side of this page. New course proposal cover sheets were posted in December 2015. Proposals must use the new cover sheets and follow all instructions.

Please note that,  beginning in August 2012, all curriculum actions and changes will take effect in the fall semester only.  (No proposals will be accepted for a change that would start in the spring or the summer terms.)

For a curriculum action to be implemented in the fall semester 2018, it must receive all required approvals by November 29, 2017.