2015 Writing Contest Winners

The 2015 UMW Writing Intensive Writing Contest Winners
Senior Theses
Kimberly Humphries, Senior, “’Sounds like a Spy Story’: The Espionage Thrillers of Alfred  Hitchcock in Twentieth-Century

English and American Society from The Man Who Knew too Much (1934) to Topaz (1969),” HIST 485, Dr. Claudine

Ian Spangler, Senior, “’Yo, Dre, I’ve Got Something to Say’: Listening to Compton’s Hip-Hop Landscape,” GEOG 490, Dr. Steve


Senior Natural Sciences
Stefannie Asselanis, Senior, “Fermat’s Little Theorum,” MATH 432, Dr. Randall Helmstutler.
College of Education
Katherine Deskins, Senior, “Reluctant Reporting: Balancing Academic Freedom and School Safety,” EDUC 420, Dr. Venitta

Junior/ Senior Arts and Humanities
Faith Rivers, Senior, “Crushed Violets and Collapsed Daughters: An Analysis of Gutman and Boss Finley,” ENGL 457, Dr. Gary

Nate Levine, Senior, “The Cankering Root of Oppression: Violence and Dystopia in Radical Black Fiction,” ENGL 457, Dr.

Danny Tweedy.
Miranda Schnakenberg, Junior, “An Examination of Sally Potter’s Attempt to Faithfully Adapt Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, ENGL

449, Dr. Kate Haffey.
Freshman/ Sophomore Arts and Humanities
Hannah Gautsch, Freshman, “Gender Equality and Howard’s End,” ENGL 295, Dr. Kate Haffey.
Sarah Stephen, Freshman, “How to Pull a Prank in the Seventeenth Century,” ENGL 295, Dr. Marie McAllister.

Senior Social Sciences
Andrew Steele, Senior, “An Admiral Undone: Public Anger and Strawman Politics in the Seven Years’ War,” HIST 298, Dr.

Claudine Ferrell.
Amanda Halprin, Senior, “…Anything Else?: An Examination of Prolonged Pauses in Classroom Discussion,” LING 470, Dr.

Janie Lee.
Junior Social Sciences
Daniel Reschke, Junior, “The Sinking of the USS Maine: A Review of the Literature,” HIST 297, Dr. Claudine Ferrell.

Daniel Reschke, Junior, “The U-2 Affair: How the Newspapers Presented the Scandal to Americans,” HIST 298, Dr. Claudine

Sophomore Social Sciences
Marina Castro-Meirelles, Sophomore, “The Role of Ideology in the Mozambican Revolution,” PSCI 360, Dr. Jack Kramer.
Freshman Seminar
Sidney McPhail, Freshman, “Liquid Life: How Type 1 Diabetes Worked to the Advantage of Ernest Sterzer and Eva Saxl during

the Holocaust,” FSEM, Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti.
Kuljeet Singh, Freshman, “Raags and Its Influence on Sikh Scriptures and Shabads,” FSEM,  Dr. Caitie Finlayson.
Emma Eichenberger, Freshman, “From East to West: A Journey of Medieval Cryptology,” FSEM, Dr. Keith Mellinger.
Sarah Stephen, Freshman, “The White Rose: The Legacy of a Resistance in the Heart of a Regime,” FSEM, Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti.