Stafford Student Orientation

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Welcome to the University of Mary Washington’s Stafford Campus.

You have the opportunity to study here on our campus, as well as at a distance.  We pride ourselves on the convenience, accessibility and affordability of our programs and services.

Staff members here at UMW’s Stafford campus are eager to assist you.  Our faculty are mentors who love teaching, are committed to exceptional scholarship and dedicated to student success.   These attributes combine to make UMW graduates some of the most successful in the world.

Please use this orientation as a general introduction to the Stafford campus and the services available, both on this campus and at the University.

Stay informed!  Share in the success! Call us, fax, e-mail, blog, or just come by our offices.  We are here to assist you.

Congratulations for choosing to become a part of this extraordinary educational experience and to becoming a UMW Eagle.