Emma Gardner – Consultant

Class of 2023

Major: Biomedical Science

Apprehension Tip: I practice my speech over and over again, I figure out what I need to practice on, and I use the Speaking Center.

Tip about our services: Our Center is place to practice your presentations and get out all your nervous energy before an actual presentation. It is a great and useful tool!

Fun Fact: I’m left handed!


Maya Jenkins – Consultant

Class of 2023

Double Major: Political Science and Philosophy: Pre-Law

Apprehension Tip: Carefully document what you want to say in a way that works for you (lists, bullet points). Having a unique plan that speaks to you and your needs helps.

Tip about our services: The Center is still operational in the pandemic. We’ve worked hard to pivot and provide our services online though Zoom and in person.

Fun Fact: She is President of the class of 2023


Brian Wolf – Lead Consultant

Class of 2023

Double Major: Computer Science and Communication & Digital Studies

Apprehension Tip: To prevent revealing my ignorance on a topic during a presentation, I do a lot of prep work. I double check that I have every point I want to hit in my notecards before I present.

Tip about our services: Getting a second pair of eyes on your presentation is super helpful for catching mistakes and pointing out problems that you might not have thought of on your own. A second, unbiased opinion on your work can only help.

Fun Fact: He likes to play chess.

Kyra Breslow – Consultant

Class of 2022

Major: English/Education (5-year master’s in May ’23)

Apprehension Tip: I do a lot of practice beforehand, ensuring that I know the topic I’m presenting on very well. Right before the speech, I meditate and do breathing exercises to calm myself down. During the speech, I focus entirely on my voice, not the audience.

Tip about our services: It’s a really great resource for every part of giving a speech, from writing it to the presentation itself. The SPKC can also provide feedback on every step of the speech depending on what you need help with.

Fun Fact: I really like Dungeons and Dragons.


Daniel Walker – Consultant

Class of 2023

Majors: History, Education, Political Science

Apprehension Tip: You are your own hardest critic. Others will not view you as harshly as you do yourself.

Tip about our services: You don’t need to be working on a presentation to make an appointment. Meet with one of us to learn about resources that will prepare you for public speaking or improve upon the skill you already have.

Fun Fact: His hobbies are gaming and watching movies.



Elizabeth Kondzella – Lead Consultant


Class of 2023

Major: Anthropology

Apprehension Tip: To overcome the feeling of being judged while speaking, remember that the audience members are human and probably have to give a presentation too. So, they’ll be kind.

Tip about our services: We’re students, but we’re well trained. The center is a safe space.

Fun Fact: She loves crafting. Cutesy creative stuff is her jam!



Emma Bradley – Consultant

Class of 2023
Major: Religious Studies
Apprehension Tip: For myself, I take deep breaths and make sure I am more than prepared. When helping others, I go over strategies to calm down and run through potential scenarios.
Tip about our services: Everyone is very friendly and they want to help! Even if you have a lot of speaking experience there is always room for improvement.
Fun Fact: I love singing but I have terrible stage fright (I can speak not sing).





Avery Dover – Consultant

Class of 2025
Major: Political Science
Apprehension Tip: Practice and rehearsal, personally the more quell versed I am with my speech and how audiences recieve it, greatly assuage any apprehension.
Tip about our services: That are there truly only to help them, I am a resource to help them feel more comfortable in whatever their goal is.
Fun Fact: I am a 3 time Kansas State Debate Champion




Nandi Davis – Consultant

Class of 2024
Major: Biomedical Science
Apprehension Tip: Prepare as much as possible, and joke a little if the occasion is right for it.
Tip about our services: Some of us who work here are actually really shy, but we’re always willing to help.
Fun Fact: I secretly love photography and editing.






Katriel Lee – Consultant

Class of 2024

Major: Double majoring in Pre-Law Philosophy and Political Science

Apprehension Tip: Take several deep breaths and remember that no one in the audience is judging you. You are your own worst critic.

Tip about our services: Public speaking, like anything else, is a skill that improves with practice. It may seem daunting now, but it will get easier over time.

Everyone at the Speaking Center is more than happy to help you practice and we want you to succeed.

Fun Fact: I have watched The Office all the way through four times.




Dea Darmawan – Consultant

Class of 2023
Major: Political Science
Apprehension Tip: Practice in our specially-equipped rooms.
Tip about our services: Our Center is a very welcoming environment. There are so few universities with services like our. Take advantage!
Fun Fact: I like bacon on almost everything.





Logan Kurtz – Consultant

Class of 2024
Major: History And in the Education Program
Apprehension Tip: Practice is definitely the best way to combat speaking apprehension, because being confident in what you’re saying will come across, even if you’re afraid of saying it! If you know that your content is solid, then the presentation will be too.
Tip about our services: It’s great to get solid practice with someone who is there to support you without the pressure of a large audience or a grade! This is a pressure-free environment.
Fun Fact: I’ve watched through all of the TV show Friends multiple times.




Layla Barnes – Consultant

Class of 2024
Major: English: Creative Writing
Apprehension Tip: Usually, I tend to just bite the bullet and give my presentation anyway, despite my apprehension. The longer I faked confidence while giving presentations, the easier they became, and I had less and less speaking apprehension.
Tip about our services: Presentations don’t have to be nearly as scary as we make them out to be, and we’re here to help you gain the confidence necessary to do well.
Fun Fact: I secretly love photography and editing.