Deconstructing Citations

About the Module

Good researchers know that one of the best ways to find sources is to look at other scholars’ bibliographies and find the cited sources for themselves. The Deconstructing Citations module teaches students these skills. The module shows students how to look at a citation and identify the various elements, such as the author, title, and date. The module also shows students how to find the cited source in the library, by identifying the source as a book, a book chapter, or a journal article, selecting the appropriate search tool for that type of source, and then using the search tool to find the cited source.

Below is an introductory video for the module.

Activating the Module

All currently available QEP modules will come pre-loaded into your FSEM’s Canvas course, and you will have the ability to activate the modules of your choosing. We ask that for assessment purposes, you use at least three modules from each skill area in your fall 2017 course. Everyone must use the Communication Theory module.

To activate a module, go to the Canvas home page for your FSEM and click on “Modules” in the left menu. You should see a list of all available modules (12 in total). On the right-hand side of each module and its content, a small cloud icon indicates whether or not the module and its pieces have been published. To activate a module, click on its corresponding gray cloud, and most of the content will change to a published status. Manually publish the module summary files by following the same procedure.