Development Timeline


Date Milestone   Community involvement
May 2010 Topic exploration begins  Topic Selection Committee
Sept 2010  Topic selection website opens
Open to public
Oct 2010 Brief topic submissions
70 received
Students, Faculty, Staff
Nov 2010 Short proposal submissions
16 received
Students, Faculty, Staff
Mar 2011  Long proposal submissions/ review
3 received
3 Diverse Groups
May 2011    Topic selection announcement  President and Provost
July 2011   Topic development begins      Topic Development Committee
Sept 2011   Topic development website opens
Open to public
Jan 2012 Initial learning outcomes finalized Topic Development Committee
Mar 2012  First draft circulated  


Instititution-wide review
Aug 2012 Narrowed topic announced    Topic Development Committee
Oct 2012  Final draft circulated     Institution-wide review
Dec 2012 Final QEP accepted by UFC Faculty / administration representatives
Jan 31, 2013  Final QEP sent to SACS
Apr 15 – 17, 2013 On-site visit by SACS