Here you will find a comprehensive list of first-year seminars offered at UMW since Fall 2006. The courses are organized by those most recently offered to those least recently offered, but you are free to arrange them in any other way using the navigation arrows at the head of each column.

In the “Proposal” column, some FSEMs have two dates. The top date indicates when an older FSEM went through the reapproval process (to ensure compliance with the QEP), and the bottom date, in brackets, indicates when the FSEM was originally proposed. For the purposes of this site, we are including only the reapprovals of these FSEMs. If you would like to see one of these course’s original proposal, please contact us.

Please contact us if you would like to see the syllabus for a course.

FSEM 100A3Larochelle (SPAN)MLLWriting for a Wounded Planet: Literature and Environment in the US and Latin America2014
FSEM 100A4Foss (ENGL)ELCAutism in Contemporary Literature and Film2014
FSEM 100D3Hydorn (MATH), Sheckels (MATH)MATHEscher Math: The Mathematics of Pattern and Design / Art of Mathematics2008Aug-17
FSEM 100E5Marsh (SOCG)SAI'm Not a Feminist But...2016
FSEM 100E7McCluskey (THEA)THEAFinding Fashion2015
FSEM 100FKoos (FREN)MLLFrench New Wave: Cinema & Society2008Aug-17
FSEM 100F2Asper (CHEM)CHEMChemistry and War2016
FSEM 100G4VARIOUSCPRRace and Revolution / James Farmer and the Struggle for Civil Rights2014
FSEM 100G7Schiffrin (PSYC)PSYCIs Trying to be Happier as Futile as Trying to be Taller?2014
FSEM 100G8Gately (MUSC)MUSCBitches Brew: The Evolution and Development of Jazz2014
FSEM 100H3Glucklich (GERM), Rotter (GERM)MLLRepresenting the Holocaust in German&US Culture2014
FSEM 100H7Garmon (ARTS)ARTSEnvironmental Art: Designing a Better World2016Aug-17
FSEM 100J9Al-Tikriti (HIST)HISTHistory of Genocides2013Aug-17
FSEM 100K1Nguyen (PHYS), Magrakvelidze (PHYS)PHYSPhysics for Future Presidents and World Leaders2011Aug-17
FSEM 100K3Lewis (MLL)MLLDigital Don Quijote2013Aug-17
FSEM 100K4Stebbins (PSYC)PSYCSleep Deprivation & College Life2013Aug-17
FSEM 100K8Davis (EDUC)EDUCWho Am I This Time? Presenting the Self2014Aug-17
FSEM 100K9Gentry (COB), Richardson (COB)COBPast, Present, and Future Trends in Commerce2014Aug-17
FSEM 100LHousley (THEA)THEACold Case: Mystery and History in Theatre2014
FSEM 100L1Rafferty (ENGL)ELCBeatles in the 21st Century2014Aug-17
FSEM 100L4Walker (EDUC)EDUCSo You Think You Want to be a Teacher2014Aug-17
FSEM 100L6Tenner (THEA)THEAIt's Alive! Horror on the Stage2014Aug-17
FSEM 100L7Brewer (THEA)THEASolo Mio: Solo Performance and You2014Aug-17
FSEM 100L9Finlayson (GEOG)GEOGGeography of Religion2014Aug-17
FSEM 100M1Anewalt (CPSC), Hydorn (MATH), Denhere (MATH)MATHNumbers Rule Your World2014Aug-17
FSEM 100M3Wilson (PSYC)PSYCComparing Reel to Real: The Portrayal of Mental Health in TV and Film2014Aug-17
FSEM 100M4Rycroft (ECON), Esunge (MATH)MATHGame Theory2014Aug-17
FSEM 100M6Kennedy (ENGL)ELDThe Grail Legend2014
FSEM 100M7McClurken (HIST), Burtis (ADMIN), Whalen (ENGL), Rao (COMM), Majid (COB)HISTBeyond the Selfie: Exploring Digital Identity2014Aug-17
FSEM 100M8Eggenberger, Sanford, Eldridge (ADMIN)PSYCPassion to Action2014Aug-17
FSEM 100M9Scanlon (ENGL)ELCDown the Rabbit Hole2014Aug-17
FSEM 100N2Singh (PSCI)PSCIPolitics, Doublespeak, and Building a BS Detector2014Aug-17
FSEM 100N5Greenlaw (ECON), Rycroft (ECON)ECONInequality and the American Dream2014Aug-17
FSEM 100N6Kayler (ADMIN)COBPart Game, Part Play: Gamers and Gaming2014
FSEM 100N7Dreiss (ARTH)ARTHArchitecture Now2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P1Hubbard (COB)COBLife Auditing: Fiscal Fitness, Resilience and Responsibility2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P2Majid (COB)COBFinding Bad2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P4Reno (PHIL)CPRA Question of Progress: Thinking Through Human Responsibilities to the Environment2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P6Wynn (BIOL)BIOLScience and Technology: Because We Can Should We?2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P7Cooperman (PSCI)PSCIUS Campaigns and Elections2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P8Rouhani (GEOG)GEOGQueer Space: The Geographies of Sexualities2016Aug-17
FSEM 100P9Gupta (PSCI)PSCIShirt Tales: Understanding the Politics and Economics of Global Trade2016Aug-17
FSEM 100QDolby (BIOL)BIOLThe Human Animal2014
FSEM 100TTFinalyson (CPSC)CPSCComputation: Minds and Machines2016Aug-17
FSEM 100UUHenry (HISP)HISPRoad Trips in America2016Aug-17
FSEM 100XXMorealli (EESC)EESCEscaping Death: Geologic Disasters and Hazard Prediction2016Aug-17
HIST 201Varies (HIST)HISTFirst-year Seminar: European History2014
HIST 202Varies (HIST)HISTFirst-Year Seminar: American History2014
FSEM 100C2Martin (SOCG)SABorders, Barrios, & Biases2016
FSEM 100E4Mellinger (MATH), Helmstutler (MATH)MATHCryptology2014
FSEM 100G3Richards (ENGL)ELCBroadway Babies: Stephen Sondheim and the American Musical2014
FSEM 100H5Mackintosh (PSYC)PSYCThe Bad Seed? Exploring the Roots of Evil2016
FSEM 100J2Urbanski (ARTS)ARTCreating Arts and Ideas2014Aug-16
FSEM 100J8Stahlman (PSYC)PSYCFreedom and Determinism2014
FSEM 100L3McAllister (ENGL)ELCJane Austen: Film/Web/Text2014Aug-16
FSEM 100L8Snyder (MUSC)MUSCBallades, Beats, & Band Camp2014Aug-16
FSEM 100M5Gentry R (EDUC)EDUCSeeing Different: Disability in Media and Society2014Aug-16
FSEM 100N1Smith (HISP)HISPLearning with LEGO2014Aug-16
FSEM 100N3Whipkey (ESGE)EESCClimate Change and Energy Resources2014Aug-16
FSEM 100P3Martinez-Mira (SPAN)MLLJust Words? Language and Society2016Aug-16
FSEM 100P5Vasey (PHIL)CPRThe Stone: Racism and Contemporary American Philosophy2016Aug-16
FSEM 100B7Mathur (ENGL)ELCCinderella/Harry Potter: Fairy Tales and Fantasy Literature2014
FSEM 100C5Goehring (RELG)CPRLost and Forgotten Manuscripts of Early Christianity2014
FSEM 100D6Powers (FREN)MLLGender and Sexuality in Francophone Literature2014
FSEM 100E1McClurken (HIST), O'Donnell (COMM), Rao (COMM) - An Exploration of Ideas Worth Sharing2014
FSEM 100F7Martin (SOCG)SANo Place Like Home: Housing and Society2014
FSEM 100G2Tomba (BIOL)BIOLParasites: Monsters Within2014
FSEM 100H4Liss (PSYC), Erchull (PSYC)PSYCFeminism from the Second Wave until the Present2014
FSEM 100H8Kim (SOCG)SAEveryone's a Little Bit Racist2014
FSEM 100J6Dabb (ARTH)ARTAlfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense2014
FSEM 100JJHoughtalin (CLAS)CPRDaily Life in Ancient Rome2014
FSEM 100KKMikhalevsky (PHIL)CPRBanned & Dangerous Art2014
FSEM 100L5Russell (EDUC)EDUCSuperman on the Wire: Perspectives on American Urban Schools2014Aug-15
FSEM 100M2Clayton (EDUC)EDUCDo You Speak American?2014Aug-15
FSEM 100N4Kagan (THEA)THEATheatre and Social Justice2015Aug-15
FSEM 100XBarrenechea (ENGL)ELCCelluloid Vampire: Dracula from Page to Screen2014
FSEM 100DSumner (MATH), Edmunds (MATH)MATHMathematics of Chaos2008Jan-15
FSEM 100G5Hydorn (MATH)MATHInfographics2011Jan-15
FSEM 100J7Tweedy (ENGL)ELCOctavia Butler: Science Fiction2013Jan-15
FSEM 100L2Martin (MLL)MLLHeroes & Lovers on the World Stage2014Jan-15
FSEM 100C6Fernsebner (HIST)HISTToys as History2008Aug-14
FSEM 100F4Stanton (HISP)HISPVirtual Vernacular: Recording Community Music2009Aug-14
FSEM 100H2Rafferty (ENGL)ELCThe Idea of CoolN/AAug-14
FSEM 100J4Phillips (BUAD)COBThe Art of Life's War2013Aug-14
FSEM 100K5Rao (COMM)ELCDocumentary FilmmakingN/AAug-14
FSEM 100K6O'Donnell (COMM)ELCIs College Worth It?2014Aug-14
FSEM 100K7Davies (CPSC)CPSCInventions that Rocked the World2014Aug-14
FSEM 100MRochelle (ENGL)ELCThe Good Society: Exploring Utopia2008Aug-14
FSEM 100B9Gallagher (GEOG)GEOGWater Resources2008Jan-14
FSEM 100B8Scanlon (ENGL)ELCEthics and Literature2008Aug-13
FSEM 100GMcAllister (ENGL)ELCTravel Writing2008Aug-13
FSEM 100J3Groom (ADMIN)ELCTrue Crime: America's Most WantedN/AAug-13
FSEM 100F3Tweedy (ENGL)ELCCulture Works and the Graphic Novel2009Jan-13
FSEM 100H9Turdean (HISP)HISPCars, Roads, & Cities2012Jan-13
FSEM 100J1Humphrey (ECON)ECONDo's & Don'ts for Do-Gooders2012Jan-13
FSEM 100MMHelmstutler (MATH), Mellinger (MATH)MATHPirates, Liars, and Pigeons: Not Your Typical Math Course2008Jan-13
FSEM 100A5Rouhani (GEOG)GEOGPolitics, Culture, & the Global Media2008Aug-12
FSEM 100DDWhipkey (ESGE)EESCEnergy Resources in 21st Century2008Aug-12
FSEM 100E3Whalen (ENGL)ELCA Video Game Canon: The Most Important Video Games Ever Made2009Aug-12
FSEM 100F1Reddy (ENGL), Groom (ADMIN)ELCAmerican Detective Fiction2009Aug-12
FSEM 100RRMcClurken (HIST)HISTWhen Americans Came Marching Home2008Aug-12
FSEM 100C9Ekey (PHYS), Wessels (PHYS)PHYSScience, Sound, and Music2008Jan-12
FSEM 100D8Matzke (PHIL)CPRRadical Environmentalism2008Jan-12
FSEM 100G6Rettinger (PSYC)PSYCIntuition2011Jan-12
FSEM 100G9Schleef (SOCG)SAMedia Images of MothersN/AJan-12
FSEM 100BBMeadows (EDUC)EDUCReading and Writing About Weird Things: Critical Thinking and the Internet2010Aug-11
FSEM 100D4Aminrazavi (RELG)CPRRevolution and Cinema in Iran2008Aug-11
FSEM 100F8Zaidman (CPSC)CPSCBeauty and Brains: Women in the Sciences2010Aug-11
FSEM 100JGreenlaw (ECON)ECONGlobalization: Panacaea or Deal with Devil?2008Aug-11
FSEM 100VRomero (CLAS)CPRSex and the Ancient CityN/AAug-11
FSEM 100AAO'Donnell (COMM), Rafferty (ELC)ELCJames Farmer Civil Rights2010
FSEM 100B4Pitts (CLAS)CPRJourney to the Underworld2008Jan-11
FSEM 100G1Crowder (CHEM)CHEMConsumer Chemistry2010Jan-11
FSEM 100C7Richards (ENGL)ELCSexuality in Southern Literature2008Aug-10
FSEM 100D5Szulczewski (ESGE)EESCScientific Controversies in the Media2008Aug-10
FSEM 100D7Smith (HISP)HISPCities of Nightmare2008Aug-10
FSEM 100F5Harris (HIST)HISTThe Russian Novel2010Aug-10
FSEM 100LLHanna (GEOG)GEOGMaps and Politics2008Aug-10
FSEM 100A2Riegger (SPAN), ChichesterMLLStrange Sightings: Learning about Hispanic Culture through Latin American Science Fiction Texts2008Jan-10
FSEM 100B3Slunt (CHEM)CHEMFood Chemistry2008Jan-10
FSEM 100NNMartiez-Mira (SPAN)MLLLanguage in Globalization2009Jan-10
FSEM 100RSmith (PSYC)PSYCA Question of Mind2008Jan-10
FSEM 100ZZGiancarlo (CHEM)CHEMMad Scientists, Bad Scientists, and Evil Geniuses2008Jan-10
FSEM 100B6Zacharski (CPSC)CPSCMash-up & Remix: The Future of Creativity in Cyberspace2008Aug-09
FSEM 100E6Rycroft (ECON)ECONEconomics of Everyday Life2008Aug-09
FSEM 100E9Citeroni (SOCG)SAEnvironmental Justice2008Aug-09
FSEM 100D1Rettinger (PSYC)PSYCSight & Sound: Experiencing the Physical World2008Jan-09
FSEM 100EEZies (BIOL), McGhee (BIOL)BIOLFamous Scientific Discoveries / Biology and Culture2008Jan-09
FSEM 100GGCiteroni (SOCG)SASociety & EnvironmentN/AJan-09
FSEM 100VVAnewalt (CPSC)CPSCThe Science of a Connected Age2008Jan-09
FSEM 100YYRao (COMM)ELCRhetoric: Documentary Filmmaking2008Jan-09
FSEM 100B5Vasey (PHIL)CPRFreud: Texts and Representations2008Aug-08
FSEM 100C1Hubbard (COB)COBProfit & Accountability2008Aug-08
FSEM 100A1GableSAAmerican Idea of EqualityN/AJan-08
FSEM 100A7Davies (CPSC)CPSCI, Robot: The Pursuit of the Synthetic Mind2008Jan-08
FSEM 100WWLewis (BIOL)BIOLBiological Terrorism2007Jan-08
FSEM 100CCPolack-Wahl (CPSC)CPSCGames that People Play2008Aug-07
FSEM 100HHGoehring (RELG)CPRLost Manuscripts of Christianity2008Aug-07
FSEM 100AHubbard (COB)COBProfit Acct:Iss Corp CitiznshpN/AJan-07
FSEM 100NFallon (LING)ELCMinds, Brains, MachinesN/AJan-07
FSEM 100SMathews (CPR)CPRBreaking the Davinci CodeN/AJan-07
FSEM 100TVasey (PHIL)CPRMetaphor Politics TruthinessN/AJan-07
FSEM 100BSchleef (SOCG)SAMeasuring AmericaN/AAug-06
FSEM 100HScott (CHEM)CHEMScience Behind CSIN/AAug-06
FSEM 100IPowers (FREN)MLLRepresenting Extreme: French LiteratureN/AAug-06