Canvas, Modules, and Welcome to Fall

This is the last summer communication you’ll be receiving from me. I hope that the information I’ve gotten out has been helpful. All prior messages are available here. If there are still holes that you need filled, please let me know. As we approach the fall semester, please take a moment to poke around your Canvas courses. By August 12, we hope to have all 9 learning modules in the “Modules” section of your FSEM Canvas courses. Activating the modules is easy, and we have some brief explanations here. If you still need help, please send your questions our way. Remember that for data collection for our QEP it is imperative that you use at least 2 modules from each of the 3 centers, and that you have your students complete the module quizzes. Many of you have expressed excitement about meeting your FSEM students on Thursday, August 25, before classes start. But I have also received some questions about how to best use this time. My suggestions are simple. First, use this as a time … [Read more...]

Module Quizzes

Many of us are getting accustomed to the Modules and their quizzes, and we’ve received a few questions about whether or not it’s okay to allow students multiple attempts on the quizzes.  My feeling is this: allowing them a second attempt likely means that the students will digest the information a little better, and that’s probably a good thing. For assessment purposes, we’re interested in knowing how much information the students retain.  If you would like to allow your students the opportunity to take the modules quizzes a second time, you can do that. I ask that you do not allow more than 2 attempts. If you need help doing this in Canvas, you might start looking here: Let us know if you have any questions. … [Read more...]

QEP Modules in Canvas

We’ve received a few questions this week about the modules in Canvas, so we’d like to clarify some issues. To publish the modules, you must publish each individual piece of content, as well as the module itself. This is most easily done in the “Module” view—that way you can just go down the line and click every cloud to the green “published” status for the modules of your choosing. Students won’t be able to properly complete a module without having each piece active.   The easiest way for students to access the modules is through the “Modules” tab on the left because everything is collected there, in order. If you would like to see what your students see in Canvas, you can go to “Settings” on the left-hand menu. In Settings, there is an option on the right-hand menu designated “Student View.” To leave the Student View once you are in it, click on the bright blue button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. As Keith mentioned earlier today, the new … [Read more...]

PRCA-24 Link Update

If you were at the workshop today, you should have received a link from me asking you to fill out a short assessment of the workshop.  We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey.  It’s not long – only 10 questions.   You heard today about the problem with the link in the Communication Apprehension module.  Anand has looked into it and we realized that the first page of that module really needs to be updated (the link as well as some of the text).  Since the modules have already been moved, and moving them a second time would create more bad than good, it would be ideal if you could simply go in and make the change yourself.  Here’s what you need to do once in the canvas course for your FSEM: Click on Modules on the left side of your screen Scroll down to the Communication Apprehension module and click on the link to the first page which is titled “Start Here: Introduction to Communication Apprehension” Click on the “Edit” button on the top … [Read more...]


The six online learning modules for use in your FSEMs this fall have all been moved into your Canvas courses. Thanks to Lisa Ames and Leah Tams for figuring out how to do this “behind the scenes.”  You’ll notice that Leah and I are added to your course as “designers.”  This allows us to push the modules into your course and will also allow us to pull the module quiz scores at the end of the fall semester. I’ll take a minute to walk you through the Canvas modules on Monday, but please feel free to go in there and walk yourself through them.  As with any new thing, there will likely be problems and glitches.  Please tell me asap if you see a problem.  I encourage you to look at the modules now, before you start making them available to your students, so that we can work out any difficulties in advance. One other item to bring to your attention.  Most of you are acting as the primary advisor for the students in your FSEM.  If that’s the case, those students have been assigned to you in … [Read more...]