FSEM Week 7: Guide Poll

GUIDE: Please encourage all of your students to make sure they have downloaded and logged into the Guide mobile app. By the middle of the week we will push out a poll for students asking about how they are doing academically, how prepared they feel for spring advising, and if there are any staff/faculty who have inspired them. All FSEM instructors have been added by EAB, so you should all have access to the mobile app—feel free to log in if you would like to see what is available in the app. ADVISING NOTES: Mid-semester reporting is coming—you know, the “U” and “N” marks we get from the Registrar every semester. Before fall break, please take a moment in class to explain what it means to receive a “U” because students will be contacted if they are flagged. As their advisor, you will be notified about any Us or Ns that were reported for any of your advisees. Note that those messages will go directly to the primary advisor. After fall break next Monday and Tuesday, you should … [Read more...]

FSEM Week 6: Checking in on Our Students

ADVISING NOTES: On Sunday I sent out a progress report campaign through EAB Campus—this is the progress report campaign that we talked about at August’s workshop. This is only sent to FSEM instructors (not your students’ other instructors), and the results will be shared with Residence Life to see if there are any clusters of potentially at-risk students in the residence halls. Please complete this progress report by Wednesday, October 3rd. The survey asks if the student is at-risk of failing- it is likely too early to tell that. Instead, mark a student as at-risk if they are not attending class, not appearing to do well academically, or if you have some other concern about them. Our new students are feeling the pressure of taking control of their lives and some are having trouble keeping up with their work. Because of our Maxient reporting system, we are all becoming more aware of students who are missing classes or otherwise falling behind—you can report a concern about a UMW … [Read more...]

House Calls for First-Year Students

Attached below is an email from residence life about the House Calls program that will be held at 7 pm on Sunday, October 7th. I hope you will consider taking part in this great program that helps our first-year students get to know faculty and staff. You can contact Noura Allen, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing and copied here, with any questions. Greetings!  The semester is underway and we hope that your 2018-2019 academic year is off to a good start!  Each year the Office of Residence Life and Housing works with Faculty and Staff, like you, to help our new First Year students get off to a good start as well.  Every fall our office runs a program in the first year halls called, House Calls. This is a program that allows students to interact with faculty and staff and to get to know the university through personal interactions.  I am writing to invite you to participate with our upcoming program, which intentionally exposes residents to faculty and staff members by … [Read more...]

FSEM Week 5

WITHDRAWING FROM A CLASS: The drop deadline passed (end of week 3), but there is still an option for “getting out” of a class, and that’s the withdraw process for an individual course. Students have until week 9 (Friday, October 26 this fall) to either change a class to Pass/Fail or to withdraw from an individual course. You can go over those options when that deadline gets a little closer. I’ll mention when the deadline is imminent. Nevertheless, some students may start asking questions as their midterm exam grades start coming in. Here are the relevant sections of the catalog for quick reference: Definition of Pass/Fail Grades (http://publications.umw.edu/undergraduatecatalog/academic_policies/passfail-grade/) Policies on changing a course(withdrawal or Pass/Fail) (http://publications.umw.edu/undergraduatecatalog/academic_policies/enrollment-and-registration/) Form for withdrawing from an individual course … [Read more...]

FSEM Week 4: You Will Be Found

COMMON EXPERIENCE: Be sure to remind your students that this year’s Common Experience continues through the fall with a slate of great events. And every time they attend an event they can put their name in the drawing to win a ticket to see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway next spring! There are two events this week (Short Films with Themes from DEH on September 18, 2018, at 4pm in the UC Colonnade Room and The Amish Project on September 19, 2018, at 7:30pm in Klein Theatre). Students can find the full list on the Common Experience webpage.   ADVISING NOTES: Many students are starting to face the realities of time management. I like the article 5 Key Skills for College Time Management. College students need to learn to manage their time, and this is something that many of them have not had to do up until now. Your students are also likely struggling with how to take notes in their classes – I recommend this recent post from Cult of Pedagogy on “Note-taking: A Research Roundup” (thanks … [Read more...]

FSEM Week 3

Welcome to Week 3! ADVISING NOTES:  Friday, September 14, is the last day to drop a course.  If you haven’t already, please take a moment to explain the meaning of “drop” vs. “withdraw.”  Students are going to start getting some grades back from their professors. You might remind them that their most valuable resource is the faculty and to utilize office hours before it’s too late. In fact, if you haven’t seen this yet, you might show the video below, produced at Arizona State, which pokes fun at students who suffer from FMOOWMP (watch the video if you don’t understand that). I showed this to my Public Speaking class last week and they really enjoyed it: CO-CURRICULAR ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Speaking Center is offering workshops on Speech Basics this week (Tuesday, 9/11, 4 pm in HCC 307 and Wednesday, 9/12, 5 pm in HCC 307). International Education Week is this week with multiple events including Global Café in the UC dining on Wednesday, Sept. 12, from 5-7 pm and the UMW … [Read more...]

FSEM Week 2: Labor Day

ADVISING NOTES: The deadline to add a course was Friday; the deadline to drop a course is end of the third week (September 14th). It is common for some students to be struggling with Canvas. It is worth five minutes at the start of class to show students how to access your class, the learning modules, and how to change their Canvas settings so that they receive notifications of announcements/grades/assignment changes. DEGREE WORKS TRAINING: the Registrar’s Office is holding open training labs on the new Degree Works tool for degree evaluation and planning. The first three sessions will be held this week (Wednesday, 9/5, 8:30-9:30am, Thursday, 9/6, 3:30-4:30, and Friday, 9/7, 1:30-2:30pm, all in HCC 130). Please email Brian Ogle (bogle5vu@umw.edu) if you have any questions or plan to attend. CO-CURRICULAR ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Speaking Center is hosting two workshops on Communication Apprehension this week (Tuesday, 9/4, 4pm and Wednesday, 9/5, 5pm both in HCC 307). The Writing … [Read more...]

FSEM Week 1: Welcome Home

ADVISING NOTES: Remind your students of the importance of reading syllabi. Friday is the last day to add a course. A great article to share is The Tune Up That Every First Year College Student Needs that we have referenced at previous workshops. Also, check out Tim’s Week One Checklist for further ideas, and discuss etiquette when talking to professors. (Note: We learned that if you cut-n-paste hyperlinks from webmail into Canvas [for example, into an Announcement to the class with the article above embedded as a hyperlink], the embedded links might not work correctly. In case this is still a problem I have included full web addresses at the bottom of this email. If you want to post the article above, please copy the address as text and paste it into Canvas.). Use as you wish. Please check that your list of advisees in Banner aligns with your FSEM roster. Report any problems to me. There have been a few changes since the assignments were first made and we’d like to be certain that … [Read more...]