FSEM Week 15: Almost There

We are almost there—just one week of classes and then a week of finals. At this point, your students are hopefully well positioned to perform well on their final assignments and exams. Let’s do our best to support them and to offer advice on how to handle these final weeks. Topics you might bring up include: (not) pulling all-nighters, prioritizing time between work (a job) and final exams, informing friends and family about their schedule and the importance of final exams, understanding how the final exam contributes to the final course grade, studying in groups (and choosing members who stay on topic), and how to study for final exams. Academic Services has one more Finals Prep Workshop coming up this week (Monday 12/3 from 10 to 11 am in HCC 210 – see this flyer)—please encourage your students to attend.

Please remind students to complete both the student course evaluations (email from Debra) and the survey on the First-Year Experience (email from me last Sunday, reminder from Tim came Wednesday, another reminder coming this week). I know that some of you have set aside a few minutes to have them complete the assessments in class—thank you!

Next week, we’ll be sending you two items. First is a summary of what’s coming in the spring semester regarding your role as an advisor to the students in your FSEM. Second is the faculty survey on the First-Year Experience. We would appreciate your taking a few minutes before the semester ends to complete it, as much of the activity will be fresh in your head. And be sure to forward the names of any students who you think would make great peer mentors (contact Britni Greenleaf bgreenle@umw.edu; students can apply here: https://orgsync.com/59314/forms/337628) , Writing Center consultants (contact Gwen Hale – ghale@umw.edu), or Speaking Center consultants (contact me – arao@umw.edu). We appreciate your recommendations!

Finally, please join me and some your fellow FSEM instructors on Wednesday, December 12, at 2:30pm in HCC 111 for an FSEM debrief. If your FSEM was a hot mess, please come. If it wasn’t a hot mess (what is the opposite of a hot mess—something that is cold and orderly?!?), please, please, please come. We’ll share our war stories, and I’ll share some of the data I have from the first-year student survey.

Best wishes during the final week of classes!