FSEM Week 10

FSEM/QEP ASSESSMENT: Don’t forget to fill out this short survey to let me know when we can record class discussions and student presentations in your FSEMs: https://goo.gl/forms/Cf7mEXe5EChQfluA3. We need to assess a full set of presentations and discussions for the QEP report—thanks for your help with this!

ADVISING NOTES: Registration has started! Seniors start registering on Monday, but anybody with priority registration should have registered last week. Classes are starting to fill. Remind students to have a few back-ups in place should they find that their ideal courses are closed.

The College of Business is holding an information session for students interested in the business program on Wednesday, Oct. 31st, from 3-4pm in Woodard 202. If you have any advisees or students interested in pursuing a degree in business, please encourage them to attend this session.

“Making the Grade” is an article that appeared in Newsweek back in 1996 that we have shared the last couple of years. If you Google the article, you will find that many professors use it in their classes, asking students to respond to it. You might consider assigning this to your own class for discussion.

CO-CURRICULAR ANNOUNCEMENTS: Let your students know about the two workshops that the Writing Center will be offering next week—this is good timing for them to work on citations as they get ready for their end-of-semester papers. The “MLA Citation” workshop will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 7th (5 to 6 pm) and “APA Citation” workshop will be held on Thursday, Nov. 8th (5 to 6 pm), both in HCC 427.

You might also remind your students to take advantage of tutoring and the Peer Academic Consultants (PACs) available through Academic Services. I’m told that about half of the tutoring subjects are seeing steady business and the others have more sporadic student attendance. Students may not always see the developmental benefit of regular attendance as opposed to attending tutoring right before a test so please remind them we have this resource available every week but finals week.  Also, encourage students to see the PACs as a resource to help prepare for these last weeks of the semester (i.e. time management and organizing assignments and how to study/when to study for finals). It’s not too late to change their study habits for this semester!

Finally, in case you missed it, we’re recruiting for orientation leaders/peer mentors for next year. Please consider nominating good students for this important position by adding their names through this nomination form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0D15O40GLP5f3JSOspTax67gmT_8sGACQ2DOtJuOeQOvbdw/viewform?usp=sf_link. You can reach out to Britni Greenleaf (bgreenle@umw.edu) if you have any questions about the selection process.