Student Learning Outcomes

At graduation from the honors program, students will demonstrate competence in:

  • Self –directed learning
    • Students will make choices to be active agents in their own ongoing education
  • Written and oral communication skills
    • Students will employ an understanding of audience, purpose and context to communicate effectively to various audiences
  • Ethical maturity and good citizenship
    • Students will articulate the potential ethical ramifications for given situations and reflect on how ethics apply to themselves as local, national, and global citizens
  • Context-driven research skills
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to perform applied research in various contexts and use research conventions and technologies suitable to their research question and purpose
  • Inter-disciplinary synthesis
    • Students will apply the benefits of a liberal arts education by demonstrating that they are able to view topics through the lens of more than one discipline
  • Active participation in the UMW community
    • Students will actively participate in the extra-curricular life of UMW, demonstrating service and creating community within both UMW and the larger Fredericksburg area
  • Active Meta-analysis of self and others
    • Students will actively engage in self-reflection, using meta-analysis as a tool for personal growth and general problem solving and reflection.