Honors Student Advisory Council (HSAC)


The Student Advisory Committee for the UMW Honors Program is established to provide Honors Scholars with an avenue for reporting concerns, suggestions, and/or policies impacting the Honors Scholars to the UMW Honors Program Committee.


Members – HSAC shall be comprised of 6 to 8 Honors Scholars in good standing who will represent the entire student body of the Honors Program.  One or two members from each class will be selected.  The Director of the Honors Program (or a member of the Honors Program Committee) will serve as an Ad Hoc member of the HSAC.

Selection of Members – each spring, the Director of the Honors Program will solicit volunteers to serve on the HSAC from the sophomore, junior, and senior class.  Each class must have at least one representative on the board.  The Director of the Honors Program will hold an election in which each class will select their representative.  All Honors Scholars will be invited to select the members of the HSAC and the appointment will be made based on majority vote.  Following the selection of the class representatives, an at large election will be held to select any remaining members of the board.  The member(s) from the Freshman class will be selected through the same process but during the beginning of the subsequent fall semester.  Each appointment member shall serve one year terms and are eligible for reappointment.

In the event of a vacancy, the Director of the Honors Program should appoint, by majority vote of the honors scholars, a replacement.

All members of the HSAC are expected to attend the advisory board meetings.  Any member is eligible to serve a leadership role on the board.

Chair – elected by the membership – this individual will report directly to the Director of the Honors Program.  The chair will organize the agendas for the HSAC meetings, will disseminate information about the meetings to the HSAC, and if necessary will attend the Honors Program Committee meetings.

Secretary – elected by the membership – this individual will prepare all correspondences related to the HSAC, especially minutes.  The minutes of the HSAC should be supplied to the Honors Program Committee within one week of an HSAC meeting.


The HSAC should meet monthly to plan activities of the Honors Program, to discuss policies or concerns of the Honors Scholars, to promote academic programming for the scholars, and to uphold the values of the Honors Program.