First-Year Honors Orientation – City as Text

Honors Program – First-Year Honors Orientation

The UMW Honors Program is excited to introduce our Honors Scholars to UMW and the Greater Fredericksburg Area through a First-year Honors Orientation on August 20-22, 2018. Throughout the orientation, scholars will have the opportunity to get to know their classmates, upperclassman, and faculty/staff while exploring the Fredericksburg area, engaging in a meaningful academic exercise. We will work with all fall season athletes and coaches so that they can participate.

City as Text

City as Text walkabouts encourage participants to explore and critically reflect on a location; looking at the place as one interprets or reflects on text. In the Honors Experience, groups of 4-5 scholars, along with one upperclassman, will visit an assigned part of the UMW and/or Fredericksburg area for 4-5 hours.

During the visit, scholars will consider and record their observations about the buildings, the layout of the location, people walking around the area, and historical context of the place. Scholars will also have opportunities to dine in a local establishment. The experience should enable scholars to have a better understanding of their new environment or gain a new perspective on the familiar. Scholars will be encouraged to document their experience with sketched maps and photographs.

After the exploration period, scholars will prepare for a presentation to be delivered later that night at a dinner program with stakeholders from the UMW campus and Fredericksburg area. These debriefings will enable the stakeholders to experience the Fredericksburg area from a newcomer’s viewpoint and will enable Honors Scholars to extend their orientation to their new home by meeting Fredericksburg community members, UMW faculty, and administrators.


Registration has now closed.  If you’d still like to participate in City as Text, please email   The cost to participate is $100 and will cover all meals, transportation, and program costs.


Monday, August 20 – Move-in, Honors Lounge Open House for families, Welcome Dinner with Ice Breakers and Overview of the City as Text Program

Tuesday, August 21 – Breakfast and City as Text logistical arrangements, Time to explore assigned City as Text area including lunch at a local restaurant or location, Preparation of City as Text Presentation, Dinner with stakeholders and presentation of City as Text report.

Wednesday, August 22 – optional programming in the morning, in the afternoon join New Student Arrival programming.

What to Bring

The City as Text event will occur rain or shine.  It will be postponed or relocated in the case of severe weather.  Scholars will be outside for numerous hours during the City as Text excursions and they should come prepared for the environment (i.e. comfortable clothing, walking shoes, umbrella, bag or knapsack, sunscreen, etc.)  Scholars will be provided with water bottles, notebooks, and pens.

Meet the Student Coordinators and Leaders


If you have any questions about the First-Year Honors Orientation – City as Text program, please contact