Honors Courses

Honors Designated Courses

Honor Program courses feature small class sizes (typically limited to 20-25 students, except Honors First-Year Seminar which is limited to 15 students).  The courses should aid in the development of your intellectual potential through activities that:

  • develop communication skills
  • incorporate an interdisciplinary focus
  • include innovative pedagogy
  • analyze their own and others’ assumptions
  • enhance research skills
  • apply critical reading, writing, speaking, problem-solving, and thinking skills that incorporate information literacy, and an appreciation of the audience
  • include greater breadth than non-honors course sections
  • incorporate enrichment opportunities for students and faculty
  • utilize flexible approaches that accommodate different learning styles

The Honors Program Committee will determine if a course is approved to receive the Honors designation and be included in the program.

NOTE – The HN designation is section and instructor specific.  Not all sections of a course will necessarily be HN designated.  Often only one section of a course will bear the HN designation.  The designation will be listed in the ATC column of the course schedule posted in Banner.  A list of approved courses is listed on the Honors Program website.  Effective Fall 2016, the HN designated courses must be completed with formally HN designated courses, students may not fulfill the requirements with Honors contracts.