Application (Current UMW And Transfer Students)

The Honors Program at UMW is a rigorous interdisciplinary learning opportunity for our highest achieving students. Students enroll in challenging learning experiences supported by engagement with the Honors community of learners. Throughout coursework, students learn to analyze their own and others’ assumptions while applying critical reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, and thinking skills to advance information literacy and enhance the engagement of their audience. In addition, participation in co-curricular activities strengthens our academic community by promoting ethical behavior and thoughtful citizenship.

Points Of Entry into the Honors Program
Based on high school GPA, standardized test scores, and rigor of high school curriculum, most students entering the Honors program will do so upon admission to the university. However, others may apply for acceptance after matriculation, during their first year.

Who Can Apply: Students who were not accepted into the Honors Program through the Common Application to UMW, have a 3.2 UMW GPA or higher, have completed no more than two semesters of study at UMW, and have completed fewer than 60 total credits may apply to the Honors Program by February 1st. Applicants should have completed or enrolled in at least one but preferably two Honors-designated courses for the spring semester.

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted each year by February 1st.

Application: Students should complete the online application here and arrange to have one letter of recommendation completed by a UMW faculty member.  Please provide the faculty member a copy of the information for submitting a letter of recommendation.  Letters of recommendations from faculty teaching an Honors-designated course make the strongest case for admittance to the program and thus are preferred.

Accepted Students: Students accepted through application to the Honors Program will be required to complete the Honors Program Track B requirements.