Living Learning Communities

The FSEM program has been designed to include a residential component to complement the classroom experience.  First-year students living on-campus are housed together in their FSEM cohort in order to provide additional opportunities to engage in discussion and learning with their classmates outside the classroom.  RAs will partner with the FSEM faculty and Peer Mentors to offer programming and activities that enhance the academic experience.

National research shows that student success and satisfaction is directly correlated with enrollment in the right classes as well as strong connections with other students, faculty, and staff.   In recent surveys, the majority of UMW first-year students would recommend living with students within their FSEM class based on their own experiences.  These results in student academic success and overall satisfaction with the residential experience of UMW students is evident in this quote from a first-year student in fall 2015:

“Living around students who are taking the same class as you creates an excellent peer support network because you can easily meet together to further the discussion of the topic in the class. You can also provide advice to your peers on how you handle an issue regarding an assignment. I highly recommend the University continues the FSEM residential experience for future First-Year students as this was certainly a positive part of my first semester here at UMW.”

More information about Residence Life and the Housing Assignment process can be found here.