For Faculty/Staff

In the links below there are a variety of resources that may assist you in accommodating students with disabilities and other diverse learners.

Tips for How to Refer Students to ODR

Faculty/Instructor Handbook

Accessibility Statements on Syllabi

Example: “The Office of Disability Resources has been designated by the college as the primary office to guide, counsel, and assist students with disabilities.  If you receive services through the Office of Disability Resources and require accommodations for this class, make an appointment with me as soon as possible to discuss your approved accommodation needs.  Bring your accommodation letter with you to the appointment.  I will hold any information you share with me in strictest confidence unless you give me permission to do otherwise.

If you have not made contact with the Office of Disability Resources and have reasonable accommodation needs,  (note taking assistance, extended time for tests, etc.), I will be happy to refer you.  The office will require appropriate documentation of disability.”

Additional Resources for Locating and Creating Captioned Videos

Creating Accessible Electronic Materials

Color Contrast Checker

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Faculty Guide for Working with Students with ASD

DisABILITY Resources Toolbox

The DisABILITY Resources Toolbox (DART) was created by the American Psychological Association to provide faculty with information to better support students with disabilities.  Partly as a result of the federal legislation such as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students with disabilities are pursuing higher education in increasing numbers.

Workshop: Universal Design and Accessible Communication