Accommodate Portal

New Data Management System

Steps for Current Students Registered with ODR accessing the Accommodate Portal:

  1. Click the Accommodate Portal
  2. Choose the STUDENT Button
  3. Use your UMW NetID and Password to log-in

Special Note: If you are a current ODR student, and need to submit additional documentation, this feature is not currently active. Please email additional documentation to ODR@UMW.EDU. We are requesting that you scan all documentation into PDF format when submitting it. Scanners are available in the Library or HCC, or you can download the free Adobe Scan app to your Phone/IPAD/Tablet. Instructions for using Adobe Scan App.

ODR has implemented a new data management system.  Accommodate will be utilized by students who are interested in becoming registered or who have already registered with ODR. We worked to implement this system as it is the goal of this office to allow students better access.  Through Accommodate Students will be able to do the following:

  1. Start the registration process
  2. Upload documentation to their system by accessing the portal.
  3. Have access to all documentation provided to the ODR for future needs.
  4. Request Faculty Accommodation Letters quickly and efficiently.
  5. Access Faculty Accommodation Letters.
  6. Request appointments with ODR staff.
The Accommodate Portal includes a Resource Library with guides and information to assist students with learning how to use this system and tips for uploading documentation.