Faculty Guidelines for ODR Testing

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) has acquired space in Lee Hall, Room 201 to provide students with group, reduced distraction testing based on approved testing accommodations. Special Note: Currently, there are no “Private Testing Rooms” available. ODR Testing is not a proctored testing area. Students testing in this space will be held accountable to the UMW Honor Code. ODR Testing is open for part-time support during the semester, with the exception of full time hours during the week of final exams.

ODR Testing Hours Spring 2020 – To Open February 3, 2020

  • Monday: 10:30am-1:00pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30am-1:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30am-1:00pm
  • Thursday: 8:30am-1:00pm

ODR Testing will be open full time (8:30am-4:45pm) for finals week (April 27 – May 1).

Please note: ODR Testing is closed in the summer.

**In the case of a University delay or closure which affects a students scheduled exam in ODR Testing, it is the students responsibility to reschedule with their faculty and notify ODR as needed.**

ODR Testing takes test integrity very seriously. Printed exams are stored in a locked cabinet within the Test Administrator’s Office. Access to the office and the cabinet is limited to the Test Administrator and approved ODR staff.

Procedures for utilizing ODR Testing:

  1. Once a student has a confirmed testing appointment with ODR Testing, Faculty will receive an email notification providing next steps. This will include a link to upload the student’s exam. For information on uploading a student exam, please review Uploading an Exam. Should Faculty choose not to upload an exam to the Accommodate Portal, an exam may be delivered in person to ODR Testing during office hours (Please verify testing hours before walking over).
  2. All instructions for administering the exam should be provided through the ODR Testing Form located on the Accommodate Portal. Information required for administering the exam can include but is not limited to materials allowed, how you can be reached at the time the student is scheduled to test, etc. The ODR Testing Form allows for one attachment. Additional testing materials can be emailed to ODR@UMW.EDU. Please include the following information in the SUBJECT line: ODR TESTING_Course Name_Number_Section. Please provide student’s name in the body of the email.
  3. Test materials can be delivered to ODR Testing (Lee Hall, Room 201) during open hours. Materials include all items provided to students on day of testing (i.e.; scantrons, scratch paper, diagrams, etc.).
  4. If Faculty have more than one student taking the same exam with ODR Testing, please complete an ODR Testing Form and include an exam for each student request. Special Note: Faculty will not be able to upload a test unless a student has completed the Testing Appointment Request Form through ODR and the Test Administrator has confirmed the space is available.
  5. The Test Administrator will not be available to proctor exams. Additionally, ODR cannot be responsible for providing specific instructions for exams/quizzes/tests.
    1. The Test Administrator cannot check exams to make sure they are ready to be administered to the student. Please ensure the exam is correctly formatted (including the removal of all answers or any other information that you do not wish for the student to have during testing) prior to providing the test to ODR Testing.
    2. The Test Administrator is unable to assist with monitoring unauthorized materials that students may bring in to their exam (i.e., cell phones, calculator lids, labels, backpacks, hats, reviewing scratch paper/Bluebooks, items on their person, etc.). ODR will request students leave large personal items (i.e., backpacks, purses, etc.) in space provided. Use of materials or resources not listed on the ODR Testing Form (i.e.; calculator, note card, formula sheet, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Any actual or suspected incident/evidence of improper test-taking or Honor Code violation will be documented by the Test Administrator and reported to the Faculty.
    3. The Test Administrator does not provide testing materials (i.e., scratch paper, calculator, scantrons, Bluebooks, pens/pencils, stapler, paper clips, etc.).
    4. The Test Administrator can print exams in color for Faculty/staff upon request. We encourage faculty to provide these exams/quizzes/tests a week in advance to allow for colored printing. Please avoid coming in at the time of a scheduled start time for your student to request that Test Administrator print the exam, as this disrupts work flow and a staff member may not be available to assist last-minute requests of this nature.
    5. If your student is testing in ODR Testing, we advise Faculty to provide the exam at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled testing time. It is very difficult to accommodate last minute or late exams, and if tests are not delivered within this time-frame, ODR may no longer be able to assist Faculty with providing testing accommodations.
  6. Professors can choose to pick up completed exams during open hours or have it scanned and emailed back to their UMW email.