Accessibility Partners

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2019-2020 Scheduled Workshops*:

  • September 26th: 9:00-11:00am (Hurley Convergence Center, Room 111)
  • November 6th: 2:00-4:00pm (University Center, Room 314, Capital Room)
  • February 21st: 9:00-11:00am (University Center, Room 314, Capital Room)
  • April 9th: 2:00-4:00pm (University Center, Room 314, Capital Room)

RSVP is not required but appreciated: RSVP online.
*Note: It is helpful, but not required, to bring an internet-enabled smart device to the presentation.

Accessibility 101 is a campus-wide workshop designed as an opportunity to build awareness and understanding of how our practices, policies, attitudes, language, and interactions impact individuals with disabilities. As a group, we will review and discuss what it means to be accessible.

Individuals will be recognized for completing the Accessibility 101 Workshop as “UMW Accessibility Partners.” We hope to create our own transformative movement- one to promote accountability, accessibility, and inclusivity at UMW that aligns with our ASPIRE Values and Principles on Diversity and Inclusion.

Thank you to our Accessibility Partners!

Name Department
Mike Breitenbach University Relations/Web Communication
Chris Foss English, Linguistics, and Communication
Virginia Mackintosh Psychology
Jesse Stommel DTLT
James Pape Simpson Library
Richard Blair Landscape and Grounds
Hunter Rauscher Residence Life and Housing
Brenta Blevins English, Linguistics, and Communication
Andrea Smith Historic Preservation
Tiffany Oldfield Title IX
Stefanie Lucas-Waverly Title IX
Britnae Purdy Title IX
Raymond Tuttle Student Conduct
Marissa Miller OSCAR/Title IX
Alex Weathersby Community Partner (RCASA)
James Deloatch Procurement
Melva Kishpaugh Procurement
Andrea Meckley Simpson Library
Michelle Pickham Procurement
Brittany Miller Procurement
Angie Lilly Procurement
Jasmine Courts Spanish
Alex Bergner Campus Recreation
Dei Bayer Finance
Lauren McDonald Business Services
John Hughey Residence Life and Housing
Pete Kelly College of Education
Crystal Rawls Student Activities and Engagement
Melissa Jones Student Involvement
Kelly Shannon Campus Recreation
Sandrine Sutphin Student Activities and Engagement
Brittanie Naff Campus Recreation
Pamela Taggert Budget and Financial Analysis
Mekayla Thompson Student
Zamara Montalvo Campus Recreation
Kelli Slunt Chemistry and Honors
David Fleming Residence Life and Housing
Emily James Student
Sarah Dewees Student for Community Engagement
Marissa DiMeo Office of Events
Kyle Schultz College of Education
Delaney Quigley Student/RA
Maria Dubiel Student/RA
Jennifer Mailloux Psychology
Amanda Ronay Honors Program/Community Engagement
Sarah Appleby Library
Juliette Landphair Student Affairs
Sabrina Johnson Equity and Access
Allison Schumacher Student
Lisa Marie King Student/DiversAbility & Mindfulness Club President
Anna Barton Academic Services
Barbara Quann EagleOne
Carolyn Parsons UMW Libraries
Nancy Wang Student Health Center
Samuel Short Academic Services
Leslie Martin Sociology and Anthropology
Rose Maddox Career Center
Jen Cirbus Academic Services
Brian Strecker Academic Services
Gwendolyn Hale Writing Center and FIFS
April Wynn Biology
Tim ODonnell Provost
Charles Tate Academic Services
Wes Hillyard Academic Services
Angie Kemp UMW Libraries
Jamie Opanashuk Talley Center
Jerry Slezak IT Support Services
Rene Sanders Student Health
Ryan Hastings Registrar
Angela Sawyer Registrar
Anand Rao English, Linguistics, Communications
Victoria Russell College of Education
Patricia Sarkuti Registrar
Evie Sherlock Registrar
Rita Dunston Registrar
Kelsey Whitacre College of Business
Angie Lynch Registrar
Kevin Caffrey Registrar
Sharon Williams Registrar
Mary White Registrar
Brian Ogle Registrar
Lindsay Fedder Office of Disability Resources
Bianca Hightower Career Center

Accessibility 101 Presentation: Accessibility 101 -Website Version