The University of Mary Washington is committed to ensuring that all have equal access to information, programs, activities, and services. One of the core values underlying UMW’s Mission Statement within the Principles on Diversity and Inclusion is a commitment to the responsibility of the entire University community to carry out the institutional values on diversity and inclusion.

Responsibilities to achieve accessibility falls on every member and department of the University of Mary Washington community to help the university fulfill their responsibilities. Some helpful guidance on roles can be found below:

Vice President of Equity & Access & Chief Diversity Officer is responsible for university-wide oversight of compliance with regard to state and federal regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability.

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) works with the university community to increase awareness, eliminate barriers, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for students with disabilities. ODR is responsible for reviewing students’ disability documentation to determine eligibility for accommodations, auxiliary aids, and adjustments in accordance with federal and state laws.

Departments, Organizations, Staff, Councils, Committees, Any Affiliated Entity are responsible for ensuring their programs, events, goods, and services are accessible to the maximum extent possible. Additionally, an opportunity must be provided to request accommodations and respond appropriately.

Teaching Faculty have the responsibility to ensure course instruction and materials are accessible and provide approved accommodations. Why wait until you have a student who is registered with ODR to make your class accessible? By applying aspects of Universal Design, all can benefit.

Individuals with Disabilities are responsible for following the process in place to request and implement accommodations, as well as responsibilities related to communicating needs. It is important to know that accommodations can be requested at any time; however, some accommodations require advance notice and accommodations are not retroactive.

UMW Events

The UMW campus is not only beautiful but includes individuals who are welcoming to all.  As we invite our students, their guests, and our community to our campus, it is everyone’s responsibility to allow them access.  Please review some simple recommendations on Making Your Event Accessible.

Creating Accessible Documents

In order to provide access to our students, guests, and community members creating accessible documents is essential.  All information is required to be available virtually or in an accessible format if requested.  To be prepared for these requests, ODR recommends creating all materials with accessibility in mind.  Please review our recommendations for Creating Accessible Documents, Creating Accessible Presentation Slides, or PDF Conversion and Remediation.

Video Captioning and Transcription

Visual tools, such as videos, are becoming more prominent as a way to convey a message or educate the masses.  While utilizing these tools, it is important to verify each video presented at an event, or within the classroom is available with appropriate closed captions.  For resources on finding closed caption videos or procuring services to have your video captioned please review Video Captioning and Transcription Resources and Services.