UCC Duties

The University Curriculum Committee (UCC) consists of the Chairs of the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, and College of Education Curriculum Committees (or their designees) and one member of the University Faculty Council. The committee also includes the following nonvoting ex officio members or their designees: the Provost and the Registrar. The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Work closely with the administration, the Provost, and the Board of Visitors to ensure that the undergraduate and graduate programs and courses offered by the institution meet demonstrable needs and institutional standards, reflect the mission of the University, are designed effectively, and may be feasibly implemented;

.2 Determine University policies and procedures for curriculum development and implementation;

.3 Provide clear direction for the college-level curriculum committees as to which curricular actions require University-level oversight and which do not, so as to prevent course and/or program duplication;

.4 Review, approve, or reject curricular proposals and initiatives (including proposals for new degree programs and proposals to eliminate degree programs) from college governing bodies and from special committees constituted to work on specific curricular issues;

.5 Review, approve, or reject proposals for changes in the relationship between programs or departments (for example, dissolution, division, or mergers);

.6 Work with the Assistant Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness to ensure that curriculum changes take into account assessment findings;

.7 Communicate to the University community through appropriate means all curricular changes; and

.8 Perform other duties consistent with its charge as assigned by the University Faculty Council.