Minutes of the September 18, 2017 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee Minutes
September 18, 2017
Hurley Convergence Center 310

The meeting began at 3:05pm. Present were the following:

John Morello, Rita Dunston, Lance Gentry, Patricia Reynolds(Replacing Jane Huffman), Dianne Baker and Jackie Gallagher.

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1. The following new courses proposed were passed:

  1. PSCI 353 (Indian Foreign Policy)
  2. PSCI 372 (Gender and Development)
  3. AMST 203
  4. AMST 204
  5. AMST 305
  6. ENGL 384: A date had to be changed to match with the current catalog cycle
  7. LING 308: Date changed to Spring 2019
  8. PSCI 315: It was noted that there may be an issue with the Conflict and Security minor.
  9. RELG 298
  10. SPAN 321: CAS will inform the proposer that these courses need to be equated with the Special Topics courses.
  11. THEA 318
  12. HSCI 305: Several of the members had concerns that were not part of the UCC purview, so it was passed and the members were encouraged to contact their UFC representative with their concerns.  The UCC chair will also contact the UFC chair to make him aware of these concerns.

2. The following program changes or new programs were passed:

  1. a HISP Curriculum Proposal
  2. MUSC minor
  3. AMST Program Change: While this program change was approved, it was noted that this would have to be clarified from the other programs mentioned in the proposal such as Women and Gender Studies, Social Justice as well as History Major. It was noted that these affected programs would now have to provide an explanation of how they will fit these courses into their programs. Additionally, there was a concern of how this would change History Majors and Minors going forward. CAS indicated that they would discuss this with the affected departments and suggest the required changes.
  4. BSN Program Change: This change updated requirements to reflect changes in course numbers, prefixes, and prerequisites that had been approved last academic year. It brought their catalog listing up to date.

3. The following courses were returned to College of Arts and Sciences for clarification:

  1. RELG 342 (Neuro-Theology): This course was returned for clarification of alignment with the prerequisites and to set a reasonable timeframe that was not defined by the catalog.
  2. HSCI 210 (Human Pathophysiology for Health Professionals)
  3. HSCI 220 (Essentials of Nutrition for Health Professionals)
  4. HSCI 240 (Caring Across Cultures for Health Professionals
  5. BSN Degree Change Comments: There is not a clear description that would separate the 1+2=1 BSN program from the General Admission BSN. With little explanation on how these courses would work into the programs proposed. Are they only required for the 1+2+1 BSN or could they also be electives in the BSN Major? Are these courses to be open electives? If not, they would need to be restricted. The Curriculum Committee noted that since we did not have a clear picture of how this would work and how it fits with the catalog description currently, that there was a need for a clarification of the programs and an update to the catalog description.

As of this meeting today, there were no comments concerning the curriculum about the following Expedited Proposals:

AMST 202

AMST 303

CPSC 240

CPSC 284

CPSC 430

ECON 485

HISP 101

HISP 102

HISP 209

HISP 305

HISP 405

MUHL 275: A concern was raised in the meeting as to the impact this course: the 375 would have on the Major.

MHUL 376

NURS 410

NURS 440

PSYC 315

PSYC 347

PSYC 394

4. Catalog updating process for 2018-19: This will be carried forward as Old Business at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:07 pm.