Minutes of the September 14, 2015 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
303 George Washington
Hall, 2:05 PM to 3:08 PM

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Members Present: Dawn Bowen, Rita Dunston, Lance Gentry, John Morello, Margaret Ray, and Pat Reynolds.
The committee welcomed Margaret Ray as the newest member of the UCC.

The minutes from last time were approved with the addition that at the last meeting the associate provost reiterated that deans must approve all curriculum changes to majors, minors, new minors, concentrations, or certificates from their colleges before submitting them to the UCC.

The suggestion was made at today’s meeting to ensure the dean’s signature was on the appropriate forms. Further discussion was held about the importance of ensuring all colleges are aware of changes that impact multiple colleges. If time permits toward the end of this academic year, the UCC will review the existing forms and process to see what might be improved.

The COB had submitted three expedited forms that did not require any discussion and a new course: MKTG 430 Professional Selling was also submitted. Ample discussion was held about the prerequisite for the course, with the committee changing it to “MKTG 301 OR equivalent; AND College of Business major or minor; OR permission of the Associate Dean for Faculty”. The UCC unanimously approved the course with that friendly amendment to the prerequisite description. The UCC recommended that the COB CC review all the existing prerequisite descriptions for consistency.

Update on Forums on the Strategic Plan and ACM
Based on the campus meetings to date, it appears a greater investigation is needed about the potential resources needed if a change were to be made. The UFC is going to conduct a straw poll to measure the overall faculty feel for the issue and then will make a recommendation once the poll has been analyzed. The UCC should wait until input from the UFC before proceeding on this issue. There may be a request from the UFC for the UCC to provide input on the implications and requirements of a hybrid model.

New Business
The General Education Committee is considering asking the UCC to implement a sunset rule that if a course has not be offered in a certain period of time it is automatically removed from the general education list and perhaps deleted from the catalog. Comments were made about the potential need for exceptions in some cases.

The meeting was then adjourned.