Minutes of the October 9, 2013 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
University of Mary Washington
9 October 2013

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Present: Voting members:

  • Rachel Grafe-Anderson  – College of Business, secretary
  • Marcel Rotter (Modern Languages and Literatures) – University Faculty Council, chair
  • Beverly Epps (Foundation, Leadership, and Special Populations) – College of Education
  • Timothy O’Donnell (English, Linguistics, andCommunication), College of Arts and Sciences

Non-voting members:

  • Rita Dunston – Registrar
  • John Morello – Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Chair Marcel Rotter called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

1.  Deletion of courses not taught for 5 years

a. Kevin has/will distribute an updated list of the courses that have not been taught for the last 5 years. The UCC moved that this list be distributed to department heads. Department heads will be asked to respond by November 4 (one week prior to the next UCC meeting).  If there is no response, the course will be removed from the catalog.  A response justifying retention of the course should go to the UCC Chair.  The motion passed.

2. The UCC reviewed and approved the following curriculum change proposals:

a. Requirement Changes

    Change requirements for Special Education (general) program
    Change requirements for Special Education (adapted) program

b. New Course

  1. NEWCRS-EDSE303-COE-FLSP-2013-1601
    New Course – Understanding Autism
  2. NEWCRS-RELG278-CAS-CPLR-2012-1971
    New Course – Religion in America after the Civil War
  3. NEWCRS-RELG277-CAS-CPLR-2013-1961
    New Course – Religion in America Before the Civil War
  4. NEWCRS-HIST468-CAS-HISA-2012-1951
    New course – Stalinism
  5. NEWCRS-HIST440-CAS-HISA-2013-1941
    New course – history of the book
  6. NEWCRS-HIST326-CAS-HIPR-2012-1931
    New course – history of manhood in the U.S.
  7. NEWCRS-HIST323-CAS-HISA-2013-1921
    New course – Colonial America
  8. NEWCRS-HIST322-CAS-HISA-2013-1911
    New course – U.S. environmental history
  9. NEWCRS-HIST319-CAS-HISA-2013-1901
    New course – early American republic
  10. NEWCRS-HIST310-CAS-HISA-2013-1891
    New course – U.S. urban history
  11. NEWCRS-HIST307-CAS-HISA-2013-1881
    New course – Native American history
  12. NEWCRS-ECON381-CAS-ECON-2012-1831
    New course – Microfinance for Development
  13. NEWCRS-BIOL342-CAS-BIOL-2013-1681
    New course – Metabolism
  14. NEWCRS-ARTH360-CAS-ARTD-2013-1641
    New Course – Special Studies in Art History
  15. NEWCRS-ANTH450-CAS-SOAN-2013-1631
    New Course – Ethnographic Field Methods in Guyana

c. Change of Course number

  1. CHGCRS-EDSE390-COE-FLSP-2013-1591
    Change course number – EDUC 390 to EDSE 390

d. New Program

  1. NEWPRG-MNR-CAS-2013-1981
    New minor in Actuarial Science

3.  Future meetings

a. The next UCC meeting will be Monday, November 11, 2013 at 8:30 am in 303 GW
b. The December UCC meeting will be Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 2pm (location TBD)


Respectfully Submitted,

Rachel Graefe-Anderson, Secretary