Minutes of the November 11, 2013 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
University of Mary Washington
11 November 2013

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Present: Voting members:

  • Rachel Grafe-Anderson  – College of Business, secretary
  • Marcel Rotter (Modern Languages and Literatures) – University Faculty Council, chair
  • Beverly Epps (Foundation, Leadership, and Special Populations) – College of Education
  • Timothy O’Donnell (English, Linguistics, and Communication), College of Arts and Sciences

Non-voting members:

  • Rita Dunston – Registrar
  • John Morello – Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Chair Marcel Rotter called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

1. New Date for December Meeting

*The December meeting was rescheduled for Thursday, December 12 at 2pm.

The UCC reviewed and approved the following curriculum change proposals:

a. Requirement Changes

  1. CHGPRG-WGSTMGR-CAS-HISA-2013-2251 —Change list of electives for Women and Gender Studies major.
  2. CHGPRG-DANCMNR-CAS-THDN-2013-2121 — Change musical theatre minor requirements by adding additional DANC classes
  3. CHGPRG-DGSTMNR-CAS-ENLC-2013-2111 — Revise Digital Studies minor.

The committee discussed the listing of special topics courses as electives for minors and determined that, since they are not listed in the catalog, generally these should not be listed as specific electives for programs.  Rather, special topics courses should be acceptable as electives as approved by the program director.

4. CHGPRG-DGSTMNR-CAS-ENLC-2013-2101 — Revise Digital Studies minor.

5. CHGPRG-BIOLMGR-CAS-BIOL-2013-2051 —Change biology major requirements

The committee discussed the fact that BIOL 132 still requires a course catalog description.

6. CHGPRG-AMSTMGR-CAS-HISA-2013-2031 — Change electives in American Studies major (as a result of RELG 276 becoming two courses (RELG 277-278)

7. CHGPRG-EDUCCON-COE-CUIN-2013-2021 — Add EDUC 531 to required courses for M.Ed. Initial Licensure 5-year Pathway: Secondary

8. CHGPRG-EDUCMGR-COE-CUIN-2013-2011 — Add EDUC 531 to required courses for M.Ed. Initial Licensure 5-year Pathway: PreK-12

9. CHGPRG-MBUSDEG-COB–2013-1991 — Establish four MBA concentrations

The committee discussed whether concentrations need to have learning outcomes for assessment purposes and agreed that this should be addressed moving into the future with concentrations.

b. New Course

  1. NEWCRS-SOCG320-CAS-SOAN-2013-2231 — New course – Food justice

This course proposal needs to have the box indicating the course is “equated” with previous courses checked.  The committee also discussed whether the proposed course description adequately captures what the course is about.  The CAS Curriculum Committee deemed it so, and the University Curriculum Committee concurs.

2. NEWCRS-PSYC399-CAS-PSYC-2013-2211 — New course – Psychology in Europe

The committee discussed this course because it is a study abroad and thus represents an “out of class experience”.  The department needs to determine whether this course will count towards the required “out of class experience” credits and, if so, update the catalog.  As things stand, this course is a general elective for the PSYC program.

3. NEWCRS-GISC591-CAS-GEOG-2013-2191 — New course – MSGA 591, Independent Study

4. NEWCRS-HONR003-CAS-NODEPT-2012-209 — New course – Honors co-curricular events

5. NEWCRS-HONR002-CAS-NODEPT-2013-2081 — New course – Honors leadership

6. NEWCRS-HONR001-CAS-NODEPT-2012-2071 — Peer-mentoring of First Year Honors students

The committee discussed the logistics of tracking the extracurricular honors activities required for graduation.

7. NEWCRS-HISP313-CAS-HIPR-2013-2061 — New course – Museum education

This course proposal needs to have the box indicating the course is “equated” with previous courses checked.    The committee also discussed whether this course belongs as a requirement or elective in the Museum Studies Minor.  This is to be taken to the program director.  The committee also requires that the Historic Preservation Major program director specify where this course will go in the course catalog for the major.  The course proposal specifies it will be an elective for the major, but the specifications for the major have two separate categories of electives.  This course is approved conditional on clarification of which group of electives it will fall under for the major.

8. NEWCRS-BIOL128-CAS-BIOL-2013-2041 — New course – Current topics in biology

9. NEWCRS-EDUC531-COE-CUIN-2013-2001 — New course – Introduction to action research

c. Future meetings — The December UCC meeting will be Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 2pm (George Washington Hall 303)

Respectfully Submitted,

Rachel Graefe-Anderson, Secretary