Minutes of the March 9, 2016 Meeting

 University Curriculum Committee

106 George Washington Hall, 3:35 PM to 4:45 PM

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Members Present:  Dawn Bowen, Rita Dunston, Lance Gentry, John Morello, Margaret Ray, and Pat Reynolds.

Pat Reynolds called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM and opened a discussion about the UCC Guidelines for Course and Curriculum Proposals. When an expedited proposal passes a college committee and obtains a comment showing it does not meet the requirements of the proposal (for example, the ECON 382 proposal did not include a statement from an affected department), it seems that the UCC has the option to review it or not.

John Morello stated that in that example, the CAS curriculum committee should not have approved it since it was missing the supporting statement and that it should be returned to the CAS CC.

Per the Guidelines (Section H), the UCC has the power to consider the proposal or send it back to the college curriculum committee.

Suggestion for changing terminology from a change that effects another “department” to “department’s or program’s major or minor requirements”. The approval for other department should be expanded from chair to include “chair, program director, or associate dean”.

Dawn Bowen withdrew the Environmental Science & Geology proposal.

The committee then discussed how to allocate spacing for classes such as ECON 382 that may be in high demand. Rita stated the registrar could reserve a number of slots for certain majors.

The committee concluded that the best solution for ECON 382 was to 1) have the registrar reserve a certain number of spaces for Econ majors, a certain number of spaces for IA majors, and a certain number of IB majors and 2) to withdraw the ECON 382 proposal. The reservation system should be effective as of Spring 2017.

Margaret Ray then officially withdrew the ECON 382 proposal.

The registrar also stated that the wait list for the class would be fixed at 5, just like all the other classes. The system was not set up to make this a flexible number.

John Morello then informed the committee that we would be receiving an invitation to review the proposed 2016-17 online catalog in the near future. Once this is finalized, it will serve as a starting point for the printed catalog. The goal is to have the online version online by June 10, 2016.

John Morello would also appreciate input on the current web-based system for evaluating curriculum proposals.

Pat Reynolds informed the committee that she will not be available at the next meeting. The committee then decided this would be our last meeting of the year. Any proposals that come through needing UCC approval would not go into effect until Fall 2017 so it will not cause any problems for these to be handled by the 2016-2017 UCC.

The registrar will be sending out a list of courses that have not been taught in five years to the colleges and departments. These will need to be reviewed by the appropriate departments as the intent is to delete classes that are no longer being taught.

The committee then adjourned at 4:45 PM.