Minutes of the March 16, 2015 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
University of Mary Washington
16 March 2015

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Present: Voting members:

  • Surupa Gupta (Political Science and International Affairs) – in place of Dawn Bowen (Geography), College of Arts and Sciences, secretary
  • Nichole Phillips  – College of Business
  • Marcel Rotter (German), chair – University Faculty Council
  • Marie Sheckels (Curriculum and Instruction) – College of Education

Non-voting members:

  • Rita Dunston – Registrar
  • John Morello – Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Present for discussion on Honors proposals: Kelli Slunt
Present for discussion on Music proposals: Gregg Stull
Present for discussion on Business Administration proposals: Lynne Richardson

Chair Marcel Rotter called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in George Washington Hall, room 106.

1. New Courses


The following new courses were approved:

HONR 491     Honors Individual Study
PHYD 499      Sports Management Internship
MUTH 392    Post-Tonal Music Theory Skills
MUTH 391    Post-Tonal Music Theory
MUTH 351    Fundamentals of Counterpoint and Form
MUTH 292    Chromatic Music Theory Skills
MUTH 291    Chromatic Music Theory
MUTH 192    Diatonic Music Theory Skills
MUTH 191    Diatonic Music Theory
DGST 201      Tinkering, Hacking and Making
CHIN 300B    Topics in Chinese Language and Culture


The following new courses were approved:

ACCT 471      Seminars in Accounting
MKTG 471    Seminars in Marketing
MKTG 491    Individual Study in Marketing – approved with change in language.
ACCT 491      Individual Study in Accounting – approved with change in language.
MKTG 499    Marketing Internship – approved with change in language.

The committee requested that the wording for BUAD 499 and MKTG 499 be in order to make the course descriptions consistent with one another. These changes were made.

The following new courses were not approved (by 2-2 vote):

BUAD 401   Professional Development for Seniors
BUAD 301   Professional Development for Juniors
BUAD 201   Professional Development for Sophomores
BUAD 101   Professional Development for Freshmen

2. New Programs & Program Changes


The following new programs/program changes were approved:

Change in Music Major requirements

Sports Management Minor
Change in Museum Studies Minor requirements
Change in Environmental Science Minor requirements


New Marketing Major
New Accounting Major
Change in Business Administration Major

Change in Business Administration Minor requirements

Name change for MBA concentration: Cybersecurity
MBA admissions criteria revision

Old Business

HONR 300 – Kelli Slunt explained the purpose of the course. The committee determined that this does not need to be added to the course catalog. Let the minutes reflect that proposal was withdrawn.

In response to a question raised, the Committee decided to let the minutes reflect that the proposals to delete MBUS 528 and to eliminate the course from MBA program requirements were resubmitted and approved by the UCC on 4/9/14 and by the UFC on 4/16/14. These changes take effect in fall 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.