Minutes of the February 9, 2015 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
University of Mary Washington
9 February 2015

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Present: Voting members:

  • Dawn Bowen (Geography), College of Arts and Sciences, secretary
  • Nichole Phillips  – College of Business
  • Marcel Rotter (German), chair – University Faculty Council
  • Marie Sheckels (Curriculum and Instruction) – College of Education

Non-voting members:

  • Rita Dunston – Registrar
  • John Morello – Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Chair Marcel Rotter called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in George Washington Hall, room 303.

1. New Courses


The following new courses were not approved:

BUAD 401   Professional Development for Seniors
BUAD 301   Professional Development for Juniors
BUAD 201   Professional Development for Sophomores
BUAD 101   Professional Development for Freshmen

These proposed courses were tabled pending a possible reorganization of the BUAD major to come forward at next UCC meeting on 3/16.


The following new courses were approved:

DGST 483    Digital Project Consulting Practicum
HIST 449     American Immigrant Experience
HONR 004   Honors Portfolio
IDIS 130      Intro to Sports Management
IDIS 230      Sports Law
MUHL 473 Special Studies in Music History & Literature
MUPR 336 Composition    (private instruction in composition)
MUPR 436 Composition
MUPR 473 Special Studies in Music Performance
MUTC 100 Technology for Musicians
MUTC 170 Introduction to MIDI Composition discipline change
MUTC 320 Audio Production
MUTC 330  Audio Recording
MUTC 370 Electronic Music discipline change, prerequisite change
MUTC 473 Special Studies in Music Technology
MUTH 473 Special Studies in Music Theory
PHYD 330   Events & Facility Management
THEA 481   Resource Strategies in Arts Administration

The following new courses were not approved:

HONR 300   Honors Research Methods
HONR 491   Honors Individual Study

TABLED until 3/16 to allow for greater explanation of the role of these courses. Kelli Slunt will be present to address questions from UCC.

PHYD 499   Sports Management Internship — tabled until the 3/16 meeting in order to correct course description.

2. New Programs & Program Changes


The following were approved:

Arts Administration Minor
Digital Studies Minor
Environmental Sustainability Minor

The following were not approved:

Climate Science  — Returned; CCC is dealing with revision this week

Sports Management — TABLED until 3/16 to allow for revision of PHYD 499; catalog language will be changed to allow an on-campus experience.


Meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.