Minutes of the December 7, 2015 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
303 George Washington
Hall, 3:20 PM to 5:08 PM

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Members Present: Dawn Bowen, Kevin Caffrey (for Rita Dunston), Lance Gentry, John Morello, Margaret Ray, and Pat Reynolds.

Guest: Bob Rycroft (left after discussion on IB Major)

The meeting was called to order at 3:29 PM. The committee confirmed that the previous minutes had been approved electronically.

New Business:

SPAN 425 – new course (The Boom of Latin American Literature); this is a resubmission of the initial proposal, 2015-4430.

Passed unanimously

ARAB 310 – new course (Topics in Arabic Culture)

Passed unanimously with the modification that the “Elective in the major” box was unchecked as there is no major.

ARTS 227 – new course (Wheel Throwing)

Passed unanimously

CPRD 304 – new course (Contemplative Practice II)

Passed unanimously

CPSC 445 – new course (Software Security)

Passed unanimously

New Minor – Information Security

Committee had concerns about language of minor so that it was clearer than only business majors should take the business options (e.g., should it be shown as requiring CPSC class, but COB majors can substitute MIST classes?). It was tabled until our January meeting. The registrar’s representative noted that MIST 444 came over as having no restrictions on how can take the class. The COB representative will ensure that the COB is aware of this.

EESC 120 – new course (Introduction to Environmental Science II)

Committee had concerns that this could not be offered as a general education course selectively (not to just those who passed Environmental Science I taught by one instructor). These concerns are noted in these minutes and should be evaluated by the General Education Committee. The Associate Provost will discuss this with the General Education Committee. After discussing these concerns, the committee unanimously passed the class.

Environmental Science Major (both Natural and Social Science tracks) – add EESC 120 as an alternative to GEOL 112 for meeting requirements.

This major was tabled until it clarifies when GEOL 112 is still the only prerequisite or if EESC 120 is also an equivalent prerequisite for some or all classes that currently require GEOL 112.

New Course — MKTG 472 (Marketing Seminar Abroad)

New Course — BUAD 472 (Business Administration Seminar Abroad)

The committee discussed the syllabi for the two classes and these will be added to the course proposals. The committee then passed both courses (3-0, with one member abstaining on both classes).

New major — International Business

There was much discussion about the proposed major. It was agreed that a meeting will be set up between the CAS and COB deans and Lance Gentry to discuss three options (IB requiring Economics classes, IB with Economics classes as an option, IB without additional Economics classes). Lance Gentry will provide all three options to John Morello and he will forward to the deans.

New Minor — Finance and Quantitative Analysis

Committee wanted perquisites for minor classes to be changed to College of Business student or registered for the new minor. Vote tabled until the January meeting. In addition, language needs to be in place about the 29 hour limit for non-business majors.

IDIS 191 – new course (Liberal Arts and the World of Work)

The committee discussed that the course is owned by the College of Business. The committee then passed the proposal.

Communication & Digital Studies Major – change in elective course options.

The committee passed the proposal.

Digital Studies Minor – Changes to list of elective courses

The committee passed the proposal.

Data Science Minor – add ECON 300-level courses or higher as an option for meeting the minor’s requirements (when approved by the program director).

The committee passed the proposal.

New Course — FREN 330 (Power, Conflict, and Revolution)

The committee passed the proposal.

New Course — FREN 331 (Representations of Good and Evil)

The committee passed the proposal.

New Course — FREN 332 (Text and Image)

The committee passed the proposal.

New Course — FREN 333 (Travel and Cultural Relativity)

The committee passed the proposal.

New Course — FREN 334 (Women and Gender in Society)

The committee passed the proposal.

New Course — FREN 336 (French and Francophone Literature in Translation)

The committee passed the proposal.

Change to Business French Minor (replacing FREN 316 with a list of other FREN elective courses)

The committee passed the proposal.

Changes to French Major — revises list of required courses and increases the number of elective courses to be taken as part of the major.

The committee passed the proposal.


Margaret Ray informed the committee that the UFC voted and instructed the UCC to table all alternative course model proposals until instructed otherwise.

The UCC then voted to remove the change of credit form from the expedited list. Instead, all change of credit forms must be evaluated by the UCC.

The UCC then requested the all college curriculum committees check to be using the December 2015 forms.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:09 PM.