Minutes of the April 9, 2014 Meeting

UCC Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2014

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Members present:

  • Marcel Rotter
  • Beverly Epps
  • Tim O’Donnell
  • Rachel Graefe-Anderson
  • Susan Colbow
  • John Morello

1. The UCC reviewed and approved the following curriculum proposals, effective Fall 2015


Add new ARTS course — Senior Thesis Seminar

  • The UCC approved this course, but discussed whether adding this course would create needed modifications to the program.  Will the course be added as an elective for the program?  Will the course be added as a major requirement for the program? Will this have an impact on students who currently do an Independent Study and receive Experiential Learning credit for that Independent Study?  The chair of the UCC will communicate with the department regarding potential impacts of this course.
PDF of Proposal
New CPRD course — Meditation and Contemplative Practices PDF of Proposal
Increase the number of upper level German courses that may satisfy minor requirements

  • The UCC approved this proposal and discussed the bigger problem that some minors at UMW are less flexible than majors and have stricter requirements.  Is that what the University wants?
PDF of Proposal
Add PSCI 313 to AMST major electives list PDF of Proposal



Delete MBUS 548 from MBA core requirements PDF of Proposal
Change BUAD 381 prerequisites PDF of Proposal
New BUAD course – Advanced Corporate Finance PDF of Proposal
New BUAD course – Financial Modeling PDF of Proposal
Change MBA prerequisite courses — ECON 201 and 202 or equivalent instead of LRSP 306. PDF of Proposal


2. Other actions by the Committee

A. The UCC did not approve the expedited proposal to delete MBUS 548 at this time because the correct effective date is not clear.  The course will need to be offered until all existing MBA students who are required to have completed the course.  John suggests the proposal be removed at the current time and the deletion of the course from the catalog be revisited at a later date.

B. The UCC reviewed rationale submitted for maintaining the catalog listings of RELG 340, PHIL 350, and GREK 306.  The committee approves the request to maintain the listings.

C. The UCC discussed the cross-listing of courses and agreed that doing so should be subject to review by the curriculum committee.  John Morello agreed to create a form and draft a procedure for submitting potential cross-listings to the committee.  The draft form and procedure will be distributed to the UCC for review.

D. The UCC discussed the procedure for listing a program’s potential electives and the fact that different programs follow different procedures.  It was stated that a consistent approach would be preferable.  However, the current situation is based on how departments have set up their programs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rachel Graefe-Anderson, Secretary