Minutes of the April 6, 2015 Meeting

UCC Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2015

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Members present:

  • Marcel Rotter
  • Marie Sheckels
  • Dawn Bowen
  • T. Nichole Phillips
  • John Morello (ex officio)

Old Business (update):

BUAD Professional Development Courses at UFC meeting

Two new courses – personal branding – to be taught by Tim O’Donnell
Personal finance and life skills – to be taught by Lynne Richardson
Test run in 2015-16 as P/F courses with possible expansion to entire University in future.

New Business

• Changes to UCC Reporting and Policies

 Any curricular changes must be approved by UFC end of January. Essentially this means that all necessary approvals at the college level but be completed by December. After January, all actions sent to College Curriculum Committees (CCC) will be for following academic year.

 Serious flaws with current procedures.

Possible New Procedure: Simply report actions to College governing bodies rather than waiting for approval. This will save at least 7-10 days in processing. Actions will then go directly to UCC.

 Registrar needs transition plan. One of responsibilities of the proposer is to have transition plan. This rarely happens. The forms will be redesigned to add a specific request for a transition plan to course proposal/program changes.

 • New procedure to how we advertise courses.

Work on changes to posting. Currently CCC Chairs send items to John for posting. Testing a new procedure. Someone within department/program will have authority to post proposals. This will likely be the chair or program director or some other designated person. That individual will post the proposal and attach all required docs.

Email notification to College Curriculum Committee Chairs.

CCC Actions: approve or return to sender.

•  The College Deans want to be back in the loop. Although proposals are supposed to be discussed with the Dean before hand, this does not, in fact, happen.

Solution?: Can we notify Dean when CCC is notified? Seeking prior approval from Dean before action can be proposed seems likely to take too much time. In those instances when the Dean has an issue with a proposal, s/he can raise it with appropriate CCC.

CCC Chairs have authority to advance to UCC.

Once CCC approves, notification goes to Morello, UCC Chair, and College governing body chair. Put leader of College Governance Bodies on mailing list for all actions.

• Committee agreed to shorten the posting period for Expedited Changes to five days instead of ten.

• UCC Action Notifications: UCC chair contacts proposer and CC Chair with actions and requirements of UCC.

• Report on Exceptions to majors / minors (Rita Dunston). Rita reported on the number of major/minor exceptions.

• Nichole raised question about expedited PSYC course proposals that are cross-listed with BUAD courses. She agreed to work with Debra Steckler to get the prerequisites correct and then have the proposals resubmitted.

• Nichole also asked for clarification why the UCC is the only university committee to have a Rep from the UFC. John responded that having a UFC member on the UCC facilitates communication between UCC and UFC and avoids the circumstance of a curriculum decision not being well understood by the UFC because there is no one at the UFC meeting who was in the room when the UCC acted.