Minutes of the October 10, 2016 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
106 George Washington
Hall, 3:15 PM to 4:20 PM

As revised on October 13, 2016

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In attendance: Surupa Gupta, Patricia Reynolds, Marie Sheckels, John Marsh; ex officio: John Morello, Rita Dunston

Comments from Associate Provost:

  1. John Morello mentioned that another expedited proposal to delete Behavioral Genetics received a comment during the posting period regarding its potential impact in other programs. The committee agreed to address this comment during its new business.

There was no old business.

New business:

  • New minor – Spanish: A proposal was introduced to create a minor in Spanish, alongside the existing Business Spanish minor, was discussed. This minor would appeal to students wishing a higher level of study in Spanish but not wanting the accompanying business component of the existing Business Spanish minor.
  1. The committee agreed to return the proposal to the Spanish department specifically to review the list of acceptable courses. As written, “four additional courses” may become problematic if the course are not necessarily 3 credits each.  Additionally, the committee asked if the inclusion of SPAN 301 in the list of possible course was intended.
  2. Surupa Gupta agreed to bring those comments back to the department of Modern Languages and Literature for clarification on this issue.
  3. The UCC will reconsider the proposal either electronically or at its next meeting pending clarification of this issue. Addendum: Clarification on this was received in a timely manner and was able to be voted upon electronically. The program was approved unanimously.10/13/2016
  • Change to Psychology major: A proposal was introduced to remove PSYC 421 (History of Psychology) as a required course from the major, was discussed.
  1. The committee did not have objections to the concept of removing PSYC 421 from the required courses.
  2. However, the committee did discuss that the existing wording in the major references “four groupings” of courses, while the actual list of courses includes five groups. The committee concluded that this was a typo that would be fixed in the course catalog.
  3. The proposal was approved unanimously.
  • Change to Spanish major: A proposal was introduced to reduce the number of credit hours in Spanish from 39 credit hours to 30 credit hours was discussed.
  1. The committee noted that that there was a significant drop in the number of required credit hours.
  2. The proposing department rationale is to better accommodate student wishes and encourage double majors.
  3. The proposal was approved 3 to 1.
  • Change to International Business major: A proposal was introduced to change the ECON 382 from a required course to an elective, although students would still be required to complete at least one course relating to international economics (ECON 382 or 482).
  1. The proposal was approved unanimously.
  • Change to MBA program: A proposal was introduced to swap MBUS 549 Quantitative Modeling and Supply Chains with MBUS 529 Quantitative Business Modeling
  1. The proposal was approved unanimously.

Expedited Courses Receiving Comments:

  • A pair of expedited proposals (CPRD104/304) generated comments during the posted period because they were the first courses to block the pass/fail course option.
    1. The committee discussed the university’s policy on pass/fail courses. Significant concerns were raised that allowing this will open the door to many other courses blocking the pass/fail option.
    2. The general consensus was that this proposal is disproportionate. Allowing this option is a significant policy change that could have major implications across a range of courses.
    3. The proposal was rejected unanimously.
    4. Surupta Gupta will bring the proposal back to the College of Arts & Sciences curriculum committee with our concerns about the broader policy implications and the recommendation that the instructional faculty instead revise the grading policy of the course so that students that do not participate do not pass.
  • Another expedited proposal, PSYC 392 (Behavioral Genetics) generated a comment during the posted period.
    1. A member of the Biology department raised the comment that the Biology department was not contacted regarding the impact of additional students taking BIOL 341 Genetics.
    2. But the impact may be minimal because the Psychology proposal recommends taking additional Psychology electives in lieu of the Biology genetics course.
    3. The committee thought reaching out to the Biology department regarding any potential impact would be courteous. Pat Reynolds will reach out to the Psychology and Biology departments regarding an impact statement.

The committee adjourned at 4:20pm.