Minutes of the November 14, 2016 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
106 George Washington
Hall, 3:15 PM to 4:58 PM

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In attendance: Surupa Gupta, Patricia Reynolds, Marie Sheckels, John Marsh

Ex officio: John Morello, Rita Dunston

Old Business:

  1. No action was taking on the CPRD103/304 courses that were returned to the CASCC.

New business:

Program Changes

  1. MSGA degree (accelerated 4+1)
    1. Students would be able to take a limited number of graduate courses as undergraduates as part of accelerated MS in Geospatial Analysis program.
    2. Proposal was passed unanimously.
  2. New major in Biochemistry (Chemistry track)
    1. Creation of new major in biochemistry to fill student demand (as evidenced by several existing special majors in biochemistry).
    2. Includes 32 “hidden” credits in prerequisite courses (as some math courses will become 4 credit courses), in addition to 39-47 credits in major. Several elective courses also have prerequisites not in the major.  Currently, no major is allowed to have more than four defacto prerequisites not already in the major; proposal currently has eight as written.
    3. This committee supports the idea of a Biochemistry major, but agreed to return the proposal to the Chemistry department and ask if there was a way for them to pare down the list of 8 “hidden” prerequisites and/or courses and create a year-by-year template for a prospective student (without AP credits). The catalog copy also needs to be clearer.
    4. The committee also has some concerns about the extent to which new resources would be required for the program to succeed (including both staffing and library resources).
  • It was mentioned that the library has created a new process where proposals for new majors, minors, concentrations, and courses need to secure formal library review. The review form can be found on the “change existing programs” website: http://libraries.umw.edu/request-library-impact-statement-form/  Proposals received by UCC without the necessary library response attached will be returned.

New Courses

  1. New course in Sociology of East Asia
    1. Proposal was passed unanimously.
  2. New courses in Men’s & Women’s Golf (PHYD419/420)
    1. Concerns were discussed about the proposal mentioning that the Women’s Golf proposal did not yet have a defined budget (but was expecting one).
    2. Proposals were passed unanimously.
  3. New course in Applied Partial Differential Equations (MATH421)
    1. Proposal was passed unanimously.
  4. New course in Intensive Beginning/Intermediate German (GERM105/205)
    1. Concerns were raised that the courses would fall short of the necessary contact minutes to justify the six credits proposed. The committee thinks the course does meet the required contact time.
    2. Concerns were also raised that the course would be too compressed if delivered in a four week format.
    3. Course would take effect in summer 2018
    4. Proposal was passed unanimously.

Revised descriptions for courses in SPAN101/ITAL101/GERM101/FREN101/CHIN101/ARAB101

  1. Two issues were raised during the comment period. First, there were concerns that it would result in an unreasonable workload for the registrar to police whether students had high school language backgrounds.  Second, there was also a concern that a student with high school background in languages is forced to skip the 101 course, even those that did poorly.
  2. The committee discussed these concerns. Admissions claims that with additional resources they would be able to code incoming students’ language backgrounds.  This policy does not consider when the student took the language or the student’s true competency.
  3. The committee inquired what the problem with the current situation is. Currently, the biggest concern is finding the adjuncts to staff the 101 courses that are over-enrolled with entering students that have the background to skip those courses.
  4. The committee recommends revising the proposals to include the limitation language at the bottom of the course description so that the prerequisite can be the first line.
  5. Proposals were reviewed by the committee. The concerns raised in the comments were addressed and the proposals were approved unanimously.

The committee adjourned at 4:58pm.