Minutes of the March 22, 2017 Meeting

University Curriculum Committee
106 George Washington
Hall, 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

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In attendance: Surupa Gupta, Patricia Reynolds, John Marsh, Steve Greenlaw

Ex officio: John Morello, Susanne Tomillon

Administrative Business:

  1. The committee decided to leave the proposals for Fall 2018 as business for the Fall of 2017 UCC meetings.
  2. The chair raised concerns that existing program change proposals do not convey enough information regarding how a proposal will affect other programs. John Morello expressed that there have been ongoing issues with courses that have changed names and numbers that have had a multitude of impacts on minors or prerequisites on other courses.
  3. John Morello also raised concerns that several proposals have been before this committee that have omitted the required library impact statement. Library is revising their policy to say that new courses and changes to existing majors/minors do not need a library impact statement.  But they still want the form for any new major/minor/concentration.
  4. Concerns were raised that the digital communications proposal did not contain any letters of support/consent from the departments whose courses were being added to the list of minor electives. The committee agreed that such letters were not necessary because the courses in question were electives, not required courses.
  5. The Distance and Blended Learning Committee has developed new proposals for the handling of partially or fully online programs. John Morello mentioned that UMW is already approved by SACS for online programs, and therefore that criteria doesn’t really need to be achieved.  Moving forward, fully online programs should first go through UCC, then through Distance & Blended Learning before going to the UFC for approval.  The chair raised the concern that the availability of online courses could greatly increase the non-matriculated student population – except for the paper enrollment processes.
  6. This committee discussed whether there should be an ex-officio member of the Distance and Blended Learning committee on the UCC. The committee agreed that the vast majority of proposals and discussion at the UCC do not involve online courses/programs and that normally such representation would not be necessary.  John Morello suggested adding a checkbox on the curriculum proposal sheets that could be easily used to identify which proposals are online and which are not – and that representatives of the Distance and Blended Learning committee are invited on an ad hoc basis when those proposals are discussed.
  7. The chair suggested that the Distance and Blended Learning committee be sure that it has representation from all three colleges.
  8. John Morello suggested rescheduling the UCC meetings to better synch up with the college committee meetings to improve the workflow timing, proposals need to be submitted as pdfs, need to streamline signature process on the pdfs, and need to establish enforceable deadlines. The registrar’s office noted that the March 1st deadline is ok, but that this committee has approved proposals with changes, but that those changes occasionally don’t make it into the proposal pdfs.
  9. The chair suggests addressing these issues by discussing the issues at the college level and setting appropriate expectations.
  10. John Morello provided a list of all of the curriculum changes approved this academic year.
  11. John Morello asked the colleges to report next year’s college committee chairs to him before the end of this academic year to facilitate the organization of next year’s UCC.


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