Cover Sheets

IMPORTANT NOTE: Select the relevant proposal form from the choices below and provide all required information and attachments. The cover sheet and all required additional pages should be combined into one electronic document. Be sure to include the department chair’s “signature” in the appropriate line, either by the form of an electronic signature or by simply typing the Department Chair’s name in the space provided to indicate that the proposal was submitted with the department’s approval.

Please use these current cover sheets (dated July or September 2018) for your proposal.

Expedited Course Change Cover Sheet

New Course Proposal Cover Sheet 

Course Credit Change Proposal Cover Sheet

Program Change Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet for Program Actions — State Action Required*

* Use this for the following actions that required action/approval by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia: (1) Add a new degree program; (2) Add a new certificate program; (3) offer an approved degree or certificate program in a majority online format; (4) Revise academic program title, CIP code or degree designation; (5) change a department name; (6) Merge programs; or (7) Delete certificate or major.

Suggested file names

Follow the guidelines in this document when naming the PDF file that you will submit for posting to the UCC web site.