Course Credit Change Proposals

Diagram of steps for Course Credit Change Proposals (view, download, or print PDF document)

The following steps are required to propose to alter the credit hours of a previously approved course:

1.  The proposer downloads the “Change_Course_Credits” cover sheet from the UCC website.  The form is filled out completely, and additional pages/attachments required are added.  The cover sheet and all required additional pages should be combined into one electronic document. Be sure to include the department chair’s “signature” in the appropriate line, either by the form of an electronic signature or by simply typing the Department Chair’s name in the space provided to indicate that the proposal was submitted with the department’s approval.

2.  To ensure clarity and consistency, proposers are asked to follow the guidance regarding suggested file names as provided in Appendix II, Suggested File Names for Curriculum Change Proposals.

3.  The proposal moves through whatever procedures are standard for curricular actions within the department.  When department approval is secured, the proposal moves to the College Curriculum Committee (CCC).  (If the college permits proposals to go directly to the CCC, the departmental review step may be ignored.)  The department chair’s name on the proposal form indicates either department approval of the submission or acknowledgement of the submission in cases where a College allows faculty to submit proposals directly to its CCC.

4.  If the course being changed is a currently cross-listed course, two cover sheets submitted with the proposal – one by the chair of each department with signatures from the relevant College Curriculum Committee Chair.

5.  Following CCC approval, the CCC chair sends the electronic copy of the proposal with all attachments to the Dean.  At the same time, the CCC Chair reports the curriculum actions approved to the College Faculty Body.  The Dean has five (5) class days to approve or reject the curriculum proposal.  If the Dean approves, the proposal is returned to the CCC Chair.  Once the College faculty Body has accepted the proposal, the CCC Chair sends the proposal to the UCC.  If the Dean rejects the proposal, it is returned to the CCC Chair with a written explanation of the reasons why the proposal was not accepted.  A complete PDF copy of the cover sheet and approved proposal (in one document) should be sent by the CCC Chair to Dr. John T. Morello, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs ( for posting on the UCC web site.

6.  If the UCC discovers problems with any course credit change proposal approved by a college, it will identify the problem and return the proposal to the CCC and request that the problem be addressed before the proposal is reviewed by the UCC.  Once the CCC has addressed the issues raised by the UCC, the proposal is returned to the UCC for action.

7.  Course credit changes approved by the UCC are reported to the UFC as part of the UCC’s regular report to that group.  Once the UFC has accepted the UCC’s actions, the course credit changes are noted as “Approved” on the UCC curriculum website; any proposals not approved are returned to the relevant CCC. The approved proposal document is filed in the electronic archive at the UCC web site.